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Oct 27 2009

trick or treats ’09

Sorry about the rotten pictures. It was late, I had just finished making 54 of them and still had to pack for an early flight to spend a few days in D.C. (more on that later). 🙂 This year, because of year-round school, I needed to get the Halloween treats for the boys to pass […]

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Sep 09 2009

number nine

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Did you do anything fun for today? 9/09/09?  I did! I went and bought The Beatles: Rockband! I got to play it a little bit with my boys after homework and dinner. It’s fun to watch Owen play the drums and listen to Perrin sing what he knows as he’s strumming the bass! 🙂 I’m […]

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Aug 05 2009

what time is it?

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So far I’m not adjusting well to the new school hours. LOL! We went to 7:45 start time from the previous years of starting at 8:25. To top it off, I have a horrible time sleeping in the hot! Apparently Owen does, too. Wednesday hours are different from the rest of the week, so I […]

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Feb 26 2009

10 reasons …

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why I haven’t been posting: 10. Been watching Samurai Jack with my boys. (We love this cartoon and are going thru the seasons again) 9. Leveling up my hunter. (Gotta hit 80!) 8. Reading the first of the Disc World books. (Really enjoying this book. It’s a fun read( 7. Reorganizing. (Preparing for a puppy […]

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Nov 17 2008

pirate apron

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Okay, having way too much fun with the aprons! Just finished this one, I’m thinking I may have to keep this one for myself! hehe!! I also need to figure out a way to show them off better in a photo. If only dress forms didn’t cost so much!

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Jun 04 2007

what movie?

Late at night, I get these funny ideas. This is another movie inspired card. The first movie inspired card I did was this Candy Cane Forest one. Once I got my new chicklet images I had the thought for this card right away. I hesitated on making it because it was so close to Easter, […]

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Mar 29 2007

oh well

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Apparently the theme I was using before with the custom banner I put together isn’t working right yet. It wasn’t accepting all the comments. Making it hard for some people to leave one. So for now, I’ll be using this theme. It’s still pretty! I like the colors and that it’s a simple layout. Stay […]

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