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Jun 14 2009


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In an attempt to catch up family with some current events I’m going to share a bit about my boys’ recent Birthdays. My boys’ Birthdays are two days apart. Owen’s is on May 30 and Perrin’s is on June 1. It’s also kinda fun that they each got their own month. So we like to […]

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Jun 03 2007

birthday fun

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We had tons of fun yesterday for the boys’ birthday party! We ended up with 18 of us getting together, including Don’s Aunt and Uncle who happened to be in town this weekend. Great timing! From the locals we were missing three of our usual number, and we missed those family members living out of […]

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Dec 19 2006

Some cake Q&A

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I’ve received several questions about the cakes and cupcakes I make, so I thought I’d do a small Q&A for you all! Q: What is your cake recipe? A: Betty Crocker!! LOL! There have been times in the past when I’ve made a cake from scratch, but those are few and far between! I’ve based […]

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Nov 19 2006

Darren and Tiffany

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Yesterday was the big day! Darren (Don’s youngest brother) and Tiffany were married! It was a beautiful day, and a very busy one for me. I wanted to share the pictures of the cakes with you, and I’ll give more information later. We’re going to head over and visit with some of the family that […]

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Nov 15 2006


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I think the best part about Cake Week is the smell! Tonight I’m baking the bottom cakes and it smells yummy! I’m using the petal shaped cake pan set by Wilton for this cake. My soon to be Sister-in-Law was really drawn to the cake she picked, and I know it has to do with […]

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Oct 12 2006

Birthday Bear

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I’ve been a little MIA lately. I’ve been getting migraines again and not enough time to rest between errands. Hopefully I can nap after church on Sunday, and it’s sad that I have to wait that long due to how busy this week is turning out to be. Oh well! *eye roll* Fortunately, yesterday was […]

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