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Oct 15 2008

on the home front part 4

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Short update today! The house is all painted and looks lovely! They finished painting the red door today and it is very fun! Irrigation systems have been going in for the front and back, so we’re getting ready for grass soon! It will be so nice to look outside and see green instead of brown […]

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Oct 10 2008

on the home front part 3

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It was a slower week around here, with most of it going to prep for pouring the cement at the bottom of the drive way to make a parking spot for Don. So I’ve only got three pictures to share for this week. They poured the mole curb at the top. This will help keep […]

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Oct 03 2008

on the home front part 2

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Once upon a time there were five brothers. One day the eldest of these brothers got married and a few years later, bought a house. This house had a nice sized backyard, but there was only one problem – weeds! Soon the four brothers began to realize it was a bad idea to answer the […]

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Sep 30 2008

on the home front, part 1

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For the benefit of family and friends who aren’t able to come over everyday 😉 I’ll be posting some picture updates of how our landscaping is going. Due to being unable to log in for a while, the first two posts will be rather long with photos. Today I’m going to share the progress of […]

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