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May 13 2009


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Been having a lot of fun taking this fur ball out on daily walks. The boys and I go in the mornings for about 50 minutes. Then in the evenings we all go together for about 40 minutes. He’s getting really good at being in the van for the drives and you can tell he’s […]

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May 11 2009


I snapped this photo yesterday and I just love it! The look on Perrin’s face is priceless. He’s been so excited to have a dog and just loves Sammy, so he’s always happy to get big wet puppy kisses.

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May 05 2009


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Not much to say today, just wanted to share another photo of Sam. He gets his third round of shots this week which will allow us to take him on public walks. We also started him in a Puppy Kindergarten class last night. It goes for six weeks and I think it will be fun. […]

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Apr 30 2009


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Sammy is always chasing the hose when I turn it on. Jumping into the stream of the water, trying to catch it and basically having a fun time of it. So today I decided to give him a quick washing. He didn’t like it. I think somebody’s mad at me! But he’s super soft and […]

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Apr 21 2009

wet …

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… puppy!

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Apr 18 2009

meet sam

We finally come home on Friday with our little Norrobttenspets bundle of fuzzy cuteness! We picked up Sam from the breeder in the afternoon and have been in puppy love ever since! It took us until today to name him, and we are excited about our choice. His full name, if you will (yes, I […]

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Nov 19 2008

meet houdini-twilight-something-or-other

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This adorable dalmatian puppy is my brother’s new puppy, Houdini. He surprised us all last week when he went out and got her. The boys were very excited to go over and see the new puppy and they both love her to pieces. My brother spent a lot of time thinking of a name for […]

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