Feb 26 2009

10 reasons …

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why I haven’t been posting:

10. Been watching Samurai Jack with my boys.
(We love this cartoon and are going thru the seasons again)
9. Leveling up my hunter.
(Gotta hit 80!)
8. Reading the first of the Disc World books.
(Really enjoying this book. It’s a fun read(
7. Reorganizing.
(Preparing for a puppy is a lot of work!)
6. Chatting with family.
(Old school way – on the phone)
5. Going on hikes.
(A tradition we enjoy as a family a couple of times a month)
4. Watching Harry Potter with Don.
(On Blu-Ray! And he finally wants to read the books!)
3. Preparing some sewing projects.
(Got a bag I’m going to try to design)
2. Puppies were born two weeks ago today.
(We’ll be getting a boy – and they’re just as hard to name as kids!)
1. My computer’s hard drive is failing.
(Yeah, this stinks the most. Back up your computers, people! In the meantime, I’m using Don’s.)

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  1. Jackie says:

    I saw your list and it made me laugh….leveling up your hunter! Your not 80 yet? I am 80 with my own NE Warrior tank 🙂 I know how it can distract one from stamping time….lol

  2. Lorena says:

    Do you have any pics of your puppy yet?

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