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Nov 18 2008

crap shoot tuesday – and a gr8 tag!

I almost wasn’t going to worry about Crap Shoot Tuesday today, until I went to my Sister-in-Law Jenna’s blog and spied that I have been tagged! So I decided to share a recent praying mantis picture that *almost* turned out. I was bummed to see that the camera focused on Owen’s hand, not including the […]

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Nov 11 2008

crap shoot tuesday

Been a busy week, but it’s time for Crap Shoot Tuesday again! As a family, we really enjoy going on hikes together. We go to a spot about 30 minutes away that has lots of hiking trails that are great for our boys. They aren’t too long and it gives them a chance to run […]

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Nov 04 2008

crap shoot tuesday

It’s Tuesday again which means Crap Shoot Tuesday! I was going thru my pictures when I rediscovered some photos I had taken of the boys in March when we had a hail storm. It was their first time experiencing this and they thought it was so fun. Mind you, it wasn’t a major hail storm, […]

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Oct 28 2008

crap shoot tuesday

A few weeks ago, Ms Jenn posted this with a link to dailyrelish. I thought this would be a fun way to keep me taking pictures each week. For the idea of Crap Shoot Tuesday just click here. This is my contribution for this week: Don took this one night when I went to the […]

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