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Mar 31 2012


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We’ve been having a busy month with our weekends beginning with this: And Saturday mornings of this: Leaving a little bit of time for this: Our Spring Break was full of cleaning out bedrooms, sleeping in, going to San Diego Zoo, watching shows, and playing games. Time off always goes too fast.

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Feb 29 2012


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photo by Brittany Wood Today is my Birthday and I’m finally NINE!! I plan to have a nice day with some of my favorite people! Happy Leap Day to all!!!

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Jan 15 2012

vampire tooth

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Goose has a small mouth. So when he lost his top tooth last month, it started pushing his baby tooth to the side. “Make way for the big tooth!” it said! As it pushed the baby tooth aside, it caused the baby tooth to rotate so that it is now at a diagonal, giving Goose […]

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Jan 11 2012


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Today is our 15th Wedding Anniversary! I think that’s crazy! Mostly because I can’t believe it’s already been 15 years, but I’m also in denial at having an 11-year-old boy! The time has gone by too fast. These past 15 years have been quite the adventure and I’m looking forward to an even more adventurous […]

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Dec 09 2011


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Hello! Been busy enjoying the holiday season. I have been having a lot of fun decorating the home for Christmas, which I’ll share later, and getting ready for when the boys have winter break. In November we got our family pictures done and I’m having the hardest time deciding on which ones to send out, […]

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Nov 08 2011

yummy yummy

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This past weekend we kept it low key. Don and I weren’t feeling the best, so we just enjoyed the move to California cold weather and enjoyed the rainy Sunday. We celebrated by having a pajama day and baking cookies! We’ve been getting some beautiful pomegranates in our weekly fruit and vegetable baskets recently, which […]

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Nov 02 2011

trick or treat!

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Another Halloween gone! I’m always sad when Halloween is over because I have so much fun making the costumes for the boys, having the house spooky all month, and enjoying fun Halloween events. Then I realize that we have a four day weekend coming up and Thanksgiving break for a week! After a month of […]

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Aug 03 2011

midnight soak

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Sorry, these pictures aren’t the best quality! I need to experiment and learn to take better night time photos. Okay, so it wasn’t midnight, it was 8:45. When your Mom lets you stay up until 8:45 (their bedtime is about 7:45) so you can super soak your Dad and Uncles returning from an evening bike […]

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Jul 25 2011


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We actually got a summer break this year. No more year-round school meant we got about 10 weeks of summer break. We’ve made good use of the time with a family vacation, a family reunion, and various weekly activities (not to mention the occasional Pajama Day 😉 ) Sammy, we have learned, is a very […]

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Jun 15 2011


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Yesterday the boys and I got to participate with our Ward’s playgroup activity. It was a trip to the Temecula Berry Company and it was worth the drive! The boys had a little bit of a I-don’t-wanna-go attitude as we were getting ready, but it quickly faded when they saw the blueberry farm! They each […]

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