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Oct 18 2011


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Finding time for myself has always been a challenge for me. The time to tell myself to go out and take some healthy time is okay. That’s it’s okay to take 30 min, or 40 min, to take a walk, ride my bike, or (try) to run. 😉 This week, that starts. Exercise for me […]

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Feb 10 2009

what did you just say to me?

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So I have a little story to share. Yesterday the boys had a school holiday and I also had Jury Duty. Don took the day “off” work (he ended up working from home) so I wouldn’t have to take the boys with me. We have a child care at the courthouse for people with children. […]

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Jan 05 2009


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The other day Owen was out back and just laughing it up. It was too good of an opportunity to pass up, so I grabbed my camera and tried to catch him on film. He was feeling rather silly, about something only a six year old could think hysterical, and quickly began to make a […]

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Nov 21 2008

twilight *Spoilers*

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Last night I went with my Mom to the midnight showing of Twilight, thought I’d share some of my thoughts on the movie. I may share some spoilers to those who haven’t read the books, so don’t read on if you want to be surprised. The film didn’t have the biggest of budgets and, unfortunately, […]

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Sep 02 2008


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During my time away from blogging, I realized that I was starting to develop a love for more than paper crafting. These past few months found me spending less and less time paper crafting, much less creating cards, and more time with family. It wasn’t until this past month that I found creative passion again, but […]

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Nov 02 2007


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I was tagged by Lisa last week to share 7 random things about myself. I thought I’d add a twist by sharing 7 random songs that are on the iPod in the van right now. 🙂 1. Live – Run to the Water 2. Kate Rusby – Sir Eglamore 3. Puppini Sisters – Sway 4. […]

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Oct 26 2007

finally some portland pics.

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So, in keeping with tradition, I took my camera all the way to Portland and hardly took any pictures with it. Mostly because I kept forgetting to take it with me. D’oh! Here are my measley three pictures to share, hahahaha! On Saturday, Jess hosted a luncheon for a group of us. It was so […]

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Oct 21 2007

hello again!

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I’ve been going thru my Portland pictures to share and ran into a problem with my photo application. I’m having problems with the application quitting when I want to edit a photo. Turns out it may be happening only when I go to edit a specific photo, which is weird. Anyway, that topped with all […]

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Oct 11 2007

portland, here I come!

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I’ve been quite on the blog this week as I’ve been busily getting ready for my trip to Portland! I’m so excited to get to hang with some of my out of state friends and with some of those that I get to see locally. I hope to return with some fun picutes and can’t […]

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Jun 19 2007


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I’ve been busy stamping for assignments, which I can’t share at this time. Now, I think I’ve gotten a cold and sore throat. I’m hoping some rest and orange juice will do the trick. Then, hopefully, I’ll have something fun to share later.

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