Sep 09 2009

number nine

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Did you do anything fun for today? 9/09/09? 

I did!

I went and bought The Beatles: Rockband! I got to play it a little bit with my boys after homework and dinner. It’s fun to watch Owen play the drums and listen to Perrin sing what he knows as he’s strumming the bass! 🙂 I’m really enjoying the set up of this Rockband addition. It’s a little weird to not select and create your own character, but you soon don’t care as you strum, sing, or drum along with John, Paul, George, and Ringo. It’s even entertaining for those watching the screen instead of playing along. Each song is like a music video and fun to watch on it’s own. Afterall, you already like the music and enjoy singing along if you’re buying this, right?

Unfortunately, I have to wait until Friday to go watch 9. Would have been awesome to see it today and complete my number nine day! LOL! I’ll share my thoughts on the movie during the weekend.

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