Nov 21 2008

twilight *Spoilers*

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Last night I went with my Mom to the midnight showing of Twilight, thought I’d share some of my thoughts on the movie. I may share some spoilers to those who haven’t read the books, so don’t read on if you want to be surprised.

The film didn’t have the biggest of budgets and, unfortunately, it showed. Some of the vampire special effects – shots of Edward moving quickly – were a little silly with the “speed” effects. They did the classic “speed up the film” for some of them, and for some there was a weird movement special effect. The one time I felt they showed the quick movement the best was during the baseball game. I thought that was done well and was a fun scene to watch.

I didn’t feel like there was much character development. I wish that they had been able to write more character developing into Edward. I felt they established character traits of the other vampires too harshly. For example, no question in your mind that Rosalie doesn’t like Bella. It was a little harsh.

Jasper didn’t say much, but his facial expressions were pretty hilarious – not that I think they were supposed to be taken this way. But from reading the books you know how he has a hard time dealing with his new eating restriction. I kinda felt he was Christopher Walken-ish with his hair and facial expressions which made me laugh sometimes, but in spots where I *think* they wanted you to. (I’m kind of a terrible movie goer, I find lots of stuff funny when the audience is quiet)

I was tired of Bella’s character by the end of the movie, but this has to do with character development.

I did like how they kept the Bella narrative.

Look for Stephenie Meyer’s cameo. I think it went unnoticed since I only heard myself to react to it.

I wish time was spent on the lullaby Edward wrote for Bella. I thought this gave you such great insight to really how mature he is while reading the books. In the movie you don’t get that at all, you just see him playing it for her.

I could keep going, but I need to take the boys to school, then take a nap! 😆 Overall, I felt the movie was fine. I’m sad to see a budget really affect the story. I’m hoping that if this does well enough and they plan to film the next one, that they will have a better budget available to them. I think most of my “problems” with the movie were budget related. I liked the characters fine (Alice is charming), felt the dialogue was wanting sometimes, and mostly enjoyed getting to see the movie with my Mom.

If you see it this weekend, let me know what you think! As for me, I think I’ll re-read the books.

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  1. Nancy E says:

    Tell me more about the cameo… I saw the movie this afternoon and didn’t know about the cameo!

    I enjoyed the movie, but not nearly as much as the book

  2. #1 Grandma says:

    I enjoyed watching the movie with you too Emily. To bad they don’t have more mid-night showings on other movies so you could sneak out on the boys and see more movies with me! You have yet to see “Mama Mia” – which I will be getting as soon as it is out on DVD. then we will watch it.

    You were right on the money! The budget hard the story line but all of us die-hard fans fo the book were just trilled to see some of it come alive on the big screen. I am so glad they did not cut too much off the “saving Bella in Port Angeles from the muggers” this is one of my favortive parts in the book—damsel in trouble and knight rides in to save her—the part where they walk into the forest so he can glow in the sunlight, some of the best lines for Edward’s personality are in this part as he decribes his vampire powers. Another melt your heart scene is when he drives her to school for the first time, opens the door for her and places his arm around her shoulder to show all that they are a couple–he looks good in glasses.

    The critics that don’t like the star that plays Edward don’t have long memories, they must be very young—the part is so much like James Dean’s part in “Rebel without a Cause” and James Dean part in “Giant” as the guy that can’t get the girl he wants even when he is rich. I don’t see the sex appeal that James Dean had on females of his time, but he was a hit and his early deadth made him famous too. When the Rob as Edward had more than one line to say, I think he was very good. I think the star’s nose is a little inperfect for the describtion in the book, but the makeup to help thin it down helped. Your father has a better nose—I always liked your father’s straight nose.

    P.S. Let’s not forget Johnny Depp’s big hit in “Cry Baby” and his “Moon or Bloom” movie as another misunderstood soul.

    Ok, I guess I have to close up and get ready to live work, your Dad is on his way to pick me up.


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