Nov 02 2009

this is halloween ’09

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This year I did a lot of sewing for the boys’ costumes. And thanks to my procrastination they got to change who they wanted to be at the last minute. 😆

Meet Ash Ketchum:


This costume was really fun to put together and I was thankful that Perrin picked somebody who only required a jacket and hat to be made. In the beginning I thought it was a vest and was all set to sew it up when I did one last Google for images and noticed that it was indeed a jacket, like Perrin had been telling me all morning! D’oh! But seeing as I did his costume second, I was already comfortable with adding sleeves and a collar, so it wasn’t too much more stress. (heh) I used a pajama top pattern from Simplicity 3935 and altered it to have short sleeves, a collar, a zipper, and white blanket binding around the bottom.


The hat was really getting me worried since I couldn’t find a red baseball cap anywhere. Then at our last stop at Michaels we found a blank red cap! Score! I used Liquid Stitches to attach the black fleece to the front of the cap and for the blue fleece to create the symbol. I love how the hat turned out! It really completed the costume. The final detail was the fingerless gloves. Bought the bargain two-pack for $1.00 at Target (came with one black and one blue – exactly what I needed), cut the fingers off and used Fray Check to keep it from unraveling.

Perrin had a lot of fun with his costume and was recognized by a few people, which he thought was fun.

Meet Dan Kuso:


This one took a lot of work, but Owen loves it so much, it was worth it. After a lot of Google image searches and absolutely NO red sweats to be found anywhere, I ended up making his costume by using the pajama bottom pattern from Simplicity 3935 and the soldier top pattern from Simplicity 0533. Patches were added to the pajama pants – a note on this: I sewed the patches on after completing the pants which made it a little bit of a chore to fit the leg holes around the arm of my sewing machine, but in hindsight I think it was the right move for me. If I had sewed the patches on as an additional step during the process before sewing the legs closed, I would have had a harder time lining them up. The jacket used a little more alteration. I added pockets that would close to match Dan’s jacket more accurately, along with the black blanket binding – using the images as a guide, and cutting the collar to have double points instead of one so it would stand up correctly.


Owen had a lot of fun with his accessories. He picked up a Bakugan kit from Toys R Us that had the belt and Bakugan holder/clip. As you can tell by the photos, he had the Dan pose down! LOL! His gloves are the second pair from the $1.00 bargain with the same alterations – cut fingers off and use Fray Check.

I don’t think any recognized who he was, but he was a good sport about telling everyone who he was – along with everything else in his Trick-or-Treat bag, especially the Skelanimal gummies from Uncle Levi. LOL!! He’s also on day three of wearing his costume.

We ended up Trick-or-Treating around my parents’ neighborhood, where I grew up. It’s fun to take them around the same streets my Grandma used to take us.

When we were finished, Grandpa (my Dad) had brought out the telescope so we could look at Jupiter and the Moon. I remember he did this last year and the boys really enjoy looking thru the telescope.

We took some silly pictures as we waited for our turns:



Then we headed home.

As a side note, Sammy had fun on Halloween, too.


Here he is in his crate in the van as we were getting ready to drive to my parents’ home. He did not have a costume but enjoyed getting petted by various Trick-or-Treaters and had fun meeting new doggie friends during his night time walk.

Maybe next year he’ll have a costume ….

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  1. Grandma #1 says:

    Great job with journaling!! I enjoyed the details on making the costumes, as time goes by you might not remember all the work YOU CHOSE TO DO, as a grandma, I am at the stage of “Pick a costume off the rack’ mode.

    The boys look great! Glad you got some pictures taken in the daylight, so the costume details can be seen, alone with the boys’ faces.

    Glad you came over to trick n treat around our neighborhood or I might have not gone out and had some fun too. I know your Dad appreciates sharing his love of the sky with you and the boys. Plus, we got to visit with the neighbors too.

    Much love and appreciation for all you do for your family.

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