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Oct 31 2009

happy halloween

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 Wishing you all a fun and safe Halloween! I still <3 Oingo Boingo. I can’t have Halloween without listening to them!I have to hit the sewing machine and finish up some costumes. 

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Oct 27 2009

trick or treats ’09

Sorry about the rotten pictures. It was late, I had just finished making 54 of them and still had to pack for an early flight to spend a few days in D.C. (more on that later). 🙂 This year, because of year-round school, I needed to get the Halloween treats for the boys to pass […]

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Oct 19 2009

i blame the following post ….

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on my last name. Because I’ve learned in my 12 years of being a Gunnell, that in some language it translates to “takes pictures of birds.” At least I haven’t gone completely over the edge. My sanity thrives on not actually knowing what bird this is. I leave that up to my husband, Father-in-Law, and […]

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Oct 14 2009

money monster

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Still working on my quilt! I’ll have more pictures of that to share later. For now, I wanted to share with you this little guy that I created over the weekend: My brother’s birthday was this past Sunday, and instead of making a card to hold his “universal gift card” I decided to make a […]

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Oct 08 2009


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Last Saturday I started my two day Beginning Quilting class at a local fabric shop. It’s fun! I learned a lot in that first class and I’m really looking forward to the second class this Saturday. So this week I am cutting, subcutting and piecing my stars together. Then we’re going to learn how to […]

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Oct 01 2009


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Yesterday, during a homework recess, the boys we out back and blew bubbles. It became more entertaining once Sammy joined in and I grabbed my camera to catch the fun. When I was going thru the pictures today they made me laaaaaaaugh! I love his determination to jump and pop the bubble. He’s actually quite […]

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