Dec 01 2008

just like …. Hogwarts?

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We had a fun weekend which included a tour of the place pictured above. Before I share more photos, I thought I’d have a little fun and run a give away!

Can you guess where we went from the picture above? Don kept telling the boys it was “just like Hogwarts” all the way up there. That seriously made me laugh because he’s never read the books OR stayed awake thru the movies! In fact, this last time I learned that it’s better to go to the movies with my Mother-in-Law to see them because she reads the books and is just as excited as I am to see the movies.

Just leave your guess below, I’ll close the contest at midnight on Wednesday, December 3rd.

What will you win? How about my Candy Cane hostess apron just in time for the Holidays?

Doesn’t matter if you guess it correctly, just leave any guess!

Happy guessing!! 😀

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28 Responses to “just like …. Hogwarts?”

  1. Pro says:

    I can’t guess! You told me where you went! Lol!

  2. Lorena Zapalac says:

    I have being there!!!:-) Is it Hearst Castle in San Simeon??? 🙂 I hope I win!

  3. Tara says:

    Wellllll…. it LOOKS LIKE Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, but I’m guessing you didn’t take your boys on a tour of that 🙂 So I have no idea. But, that apron would look awfully cute on me 😉

  4. Oh! Oh!! It’s Hearst Castle!! (And no, I didn’t cheat by looking at the comment above) Do you wanna know how I guessed that?? Well, I have a pretty good memory (sometimes) and I remember you telling us when we were in your Sunday School class that is where you went on your honeymoon.

  5. Lisa says:

    Caesars Palace, which would be a weird place to take your children. Hmmmm.

  6. Joella says:

    I have no idea… it looks like Greece to me! 🙂 Sounds like you had a great time!

  7. Allison says:

    Hmm…Hearst Castle. I loved it up there and, despite the fall weather, so wanted to jump in that pool!

  8. Lauri says:

    Purty, purty! If it’s warm place, I would like to jump in! That IS the spa at Hogwart’s. The teachers need a place to relax since there is always impending doom there.
    Cute apron! I would be the BOMB at Xmas!

  9. Carrie C says:

    I’m guessing it’s the Hearst Castle. I was there years ago with my kids.

  10. JanTink says:

    That is the William Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA. 🙂

  11. Denier says:

    darn it! i can’t guess cause i knew where you were going before you went. BUT if you hadn’t told me i would have guessed cause i’m from the area! i hope you had a blast 🙂

  12. Debby o says:

    It’s a place I’d like to be for sure! Unfortunately, I haven’t a clue as to where it is.

  13. Dee Begansky says:

    Been there many times myself both at night and during the day. You were at the Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA.

  14. Carolyn Sharkas says:

    It’s been years, but I think that it is the Hearst Castle in California.

    thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

    carolyn s

  15. Paula says:

    I say The Atlantis resort in the Bahamas, but I know you didn’t go there this weekend.

  16. Beth M says:

    It’s no where I’ve been but looks very interesting. Are you sure it’s not Hogwarts?

  17. Cynthia says:

    It reminds me of Vegas but it could be the Hearst Castle in California.

  18. I agree, it looks Grecian and gorgeous! I am going to say you took a trip to Greece! LMBO — even thought I know you SO didn’t!

  19. Gina says:

    Ceasar’s In Veagas

  20. Heather says:

    lol I know…cause i know who went with you!!! Do I win? lol Hearst Castle!! YAY

  21. Alyssa Byron says:

    looks like Vegas baby! Ive only been there once so I wouldnt really know but thats what ist reminds me of!

  22. Lori Faeber says:

    Definately Hearst Castle. I have never been there, but my daughter went several years ago and I think has a picture very similar to yours. Very beautiful place.

  23. Patty says:

    San Simeon…Hearst Castle.

  24. Ginny H says:

    I have no idea but I would love to go there also. It is very pretty.

  25. jami says:

    I LOVE Hearst Castle! So glad you had a fun weekend! The boys will always remember this trip!

  26. Elaine says:

    I think it is in CA – at Hearst Castle!

  27. Beth B. says:

    I totally know where this is because I’ve been there. Very beautiful at night – its Hearst Castle!! Glad you had a good time!

    Beth B.

  28. Jenn says:

    Hey, that’s my back yard, LOL! Just teasing. . that’s a beauty of a place!

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