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Nov 27 2008

happy thanksgiving!

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Yesterday, in Perrin’s class, we made an edible “Native American scene” that they could use for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Well, with the temptation of all that sugar on one plate, it didn’t make it to today. After we got home he was able to restrain himself for about 1 1/2 hours then he and Owen […]

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Nov 25 2008

just a bit of silliness, really

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What movie?? Hehehe! No Crap Shoot Tuesday from me, today. Instead I thought I’d share a funny picture from an experiment a few weeks ago. The boys and I were waiting in the van after a hike while Don ran in to Best Buy to pick up Rock Band 2. Since we had been hiking, […]

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Nov 24 2008

getting colder!

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Gettin’ colder around these parts! Which really isn’t cold compared to the rest of the US. LOL!! But we’re going to be having some rain and it looks like we’ll be in the mid 60s to mid 70s for a while. I’m hoping for no more 80s! Seriously, I like the colder weather. Wearing shorts […]

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Nov 21 2008

twilight *Spoilers*

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Last night I went with my Mom to the midnight showing of Twilight, thought I’d share some of my thoughts on the movie. I may share some spoilers to those who haven’t read the books, so don’t read on if you want to be surprised. The film didn’t have the biggest of budgets and, unfortunately, […]

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Nov 20 2008

thankful hearts

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It’s the 20th, which means another DD/DDA Challenge! This month Sharon was the hostess and she came up with a lovely challenge! It just had to include a heart! She’s so nice, she didn’t even give us a restriction! Challenge Focus: create a hostess thank you card or gift, Thanksgiving card, treat holder, table favor […]

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Nov 19 2008

meet houdini-twilight-something-or-other

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This adorable dalmatian puppy is my brother’s new puppy, Houdini. He surprised us all last week when he went out and got her. The boys were very excited to go over and see the new puppy and they both love her to pieces. My brother spent a lot of time thinking of a name for […]

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Nov 18 2008

crap shoot tuesday – and a gr8 tag!

I almost wasn’t going to worry about Crap Shoot Tuesday today, until I went to my Sister-in-Law Jenna’s blog and spied that I have been tagged! So I decided to share a recent praying mantis picture that *almost* turned out. I was bummed to see that the camera focused on Owen’s hand, not including the […]

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Nov 17 2008

pirate apron

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Okay, having way too much fun with the aprons! Just finished this one, I’m thinking I may have to keep this one for myself! hehe!! I also need to figure out a way to show them off better in a photo. If only dress forms didn’t cost so much!

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Nov 17 2008

candy cane apron

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Finished another apron this weekend using the same pattern as the cowboy one below. I wanted to see what a holiday one would look like and loved the combo of these two fabrics together. I’m really happy with how this turned out, I think it’s such a fun hostess apron for the holidays! I am […]

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Nov 14 2008

cowboy apron

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I went to my Mom’s and forgot to bring this along to show her. This is the first of four aprons that I cut out this week. I’m calling this one the “cowboy apron” for obvious reasons. 😉 My Mom had this fabric and it worked out perfectly for this apron style. I really like […]

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