Jan 15 2012

vampire tooth

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Goose has a small mouth. So when he lost his top tooth last month, it started pushing his baby tooth to the side. “Make way for the big tooth!” it said!

As it pushed the baby tooth aside, it caused the baby tooth to rotate so that it is now at a diagonal, giving Goose his Vampire Tooth.

Goose has since been telling everyone, even his school Principal, that he has a Vampire Tooth. Most adults don’t know how to take this news and give him a distant, “that’s nice” as Don and I laugh at their puzzled faces. He then runs away, proud of his Vampire Tooth.

This is Scraggy. He doesn’t have a Vampire Tooth but I was told he wanted his picture taken.

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  1. Proud Mom says:

    my little vampire! How cute! Hope it doesn’t get him in any trouble.

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