Mar 02 2010


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My camera is on “vacation” this week, so I apologize for the poopy cell phone picture. I wanted to share my latest crochet project!

I’m working on a blanket for a friend who’s expecting! Baby things are always fun to do, in any medium!

The pattern I’m using is from the Jan/Feb 2010 Crochet Today issue and it’s called Single-Skein Blankie.

Too bad I couldn’t find the yarn it calls for! You’re supposed to get away with “one skein” of yarn if you use the Red Heart Baby Blankie yarn. Trick is that I *think* it’s one of those jumbo skeins of yarn since the description says it’s a 16oz 819 yard skein. I got tired of trying to find it so instead I’m using Red Heart Eco-Ways in Oyster. So far I’ve used about three skeins of yarn and I’m almost done.

It’s a super simple pattern and looks very pretty! It’ll make a nice stroller blanket sized gift by the time I’m finished.

I’m also excited that I’ll be taking a knitting class next week! It was my birthday this past weekend. You know the time between 11:59 and midnight Sunday night? That’s when it was. LOL! I turned 8 1/2! 😉 I picked up some pretty yarn today for my lessons. When I get a hold of it, I’ll treat myself to a skein of the stuff they sell at the yarn store! Oh my! It’s preeeety!

I had a nice day with family and was able to relax! Funny how birthday parties change as you get older. Haha!

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