Feb 26 2010

fuzzy face friday

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Everybody seems to be into DIY, do it yourself, projects nowadays. Including Sammy!

Behold, his DIY Doggy Door.


I realize this picture is awful, it was taken with my cell phone. I find it so hilarious that I can’t delete it from my phone!

Several months ago he found a hole in the screen door and ripped it. We were upset at first, looked at replacing it and decided to wait.

Now that we’ve had a break from the rain and it’s not too cold we’ve been able to take advantage of his homemade doggy door!

I can play fetch with him from my couch! How awesome is that?


He enjoys his homemade doggy door, and when he makes that face while holding his toy I kinda forget that he ate the screen.

Happy Friday!

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  1. jami says:

    bwahahahahahahahahhaha! He’s soooo cute! And I love the idea of fetch from the couch!

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