Nov 19 2008

meet houdini-twilight-something-or-other

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This adorable dalmatian puppy is my brother’s new puppy, Houdini. He surprised us all last week when he went out and got her. The boys were very excited to go over and see the new puppy and they both love her to pieces. My brother spent a lot of time thinking of a name for her. “Houdini” was a name he had thought of beforehand, since most dogs have a knack for getting in and out of stuff, plus it sounds cool! Then my Mom (who shares my excitement for the Twilight books/movie) thought that Twilight would be a fun name for a spotty dog. I have to admit, I like the way that one sounds, too!

So a name compromise has been made combining the two names. I’m not sure which way it goes – Houdini Twilight or Twilight Houdini – but the boys love to say Houdini, so that’s what they will be calling her.

I want to take some new pictures of her, she now has a cute red collar and name tag. Plus, she’ll give me lots of experience photographing very unpredictable puppies for when our own arrives to us sometime next Spring! Which means you’ll be seeing more of this cute spotty face! 😀

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  1. Beth M says:

    Oh my. . . she’s precious!

  2. malissa32 says:

    Squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that face! My second dog was a Dalmatian- the sweetest thing. Her name was Blaze since my father was a firefighter. Keep the pictures and updates coming.

  3. Kelly says:

    What a sweet puppy!

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