Nov 18 2008

crap shoot tuesday – and a gr8 tag!

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I almost wasn’t going to worry about Crap Shoot Tuesday today, until I went to my Sister-in-Law Jenna’s blog and spied that I have been tagged! So I decided to share a recent praying mantis picture that *almost* turned out. I was bummed to see that the camera focused on Owen’s hand, not including the praying mantis. However, those bugs are hard to focus on, sometimes. It’s still a cute picture – just not one that I’ll be printing up.


Owen’s praying mantis friend returned this past weekend so I headed out to the backyard to take some pictures of them. He ran all over the backyard with his pal and I ended up with some cute shots. The boys have their own rooms now (in preparation for a dog to help eliminate them taking everything out of their room to play) and I thought it would be cool to get some pictures of them printed up to hang in their spaces, showcasing what makes them *them*. Know what I mean? Unfortunately for me, Owen and bugs go together.

Now for the tag:

8 Favorite TV Shows I Love to Watch: You’ll notice a lot of old shows on here, we don’t have TV. We have A TV but we don’t get reception and don’t want to pay for a service, we’d rather have our internet service.

1. Friends – we have all 10 seasons on DVD and I go thru these all year long. It cracks me up and I like having something lighthearted to watch, especially after watching several episodes from the next one on my list.

2. X-Files – Don and I have recently been borrowing these from my parents to re-watch. We used to snuggle up on the love seat when we were dating and watch these every week. Nowadays, I get a *little* stressed/grossed out with some of the episodes, but I still love the show!

3. 24 – this is probably the only current TV show we watch. We just wait until the season comes out on DVD then we rent them and plow thru the season in about a week. They are too good to only watch one a night!

4. Greatest American Hero – Dude, I know it’s SO old, but when I was little this was my favorite show! I don’t remember much about any individual episode, but I loved it so much that I picked out the single at a record store one day. I know some of you remember what records are – I had the 45 of Believe it or Not and played it all the time. LOL!!!!!

5. Angel – I think I enjoyed this show more than Buffy. Hated that it was canceled. In fact, Angel, Buffy and Friends were the only shows we watched and when they cancelled them we decided there wasn’t much else on TV at the time, so we cancelled our TV service. That’s how long we’ve been without TV.

6. Buffy – I went a little wayward towards the end, but this was one show I loved to catch each week. And the whole Twilight madness makes me laugh because I feel like it’s an Angel + Buffy love story for today’s teenagers.

7. Good Eats – like my Sister-in-Law Jenna, I really do like this show. It was my favorite thing about the Food Network and I still use the internet to get the recipes from his show.

8. Star Trek: The Next Generation – there, I said it. I like this show – a lot. Takes me back to the days of when we lived with our friends David and Debora. And let’s face it, Q is pretty funny.

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1. Miguel’s Jr – Hands down my most favorite of all times. It’s a local chain and the reason why I’d never want to leave this area. I think I’d die if I went too far away from one. My Grandma used to take us there for taquitos when we were little.

2. SGC Japanese Restaurant – My favorite place for sushi. Mmmmmm!!

3. Cheesecake Factory – Kinda cheating since I only go here for the cheesecake. But I think it’s forgivable once you’ve eaten Chocolate Tuxedo Cream Cheesecake!

4. La Cabana – Another local restaurant and another place my Grandma used to take us when we were little. Huge portions that we’d always have leftovers from and not a good place to wear white pants to! Enchalada sauce + white pants = BAD!

5. Anchos – I’ll be a good little Gunnell and put this on my list. They have a Santa Fe Chicken Salad that I could dream about. Each of Don’s brothers worked there at one time, and this is the only thing I’d order from there – it’s *that* good. Plus, it’s such a big serving that you have lunch for the next day!

6. Panera – I know some of you will know this place! All I can say is “YUM!”

7. PF Changs – I don’t get to eat here very often, but I love it when I do! I love the lettuce wraps!

8. Gerard’s – Another local restaurant. This one has yummy French cuisine! It did change ownership, and the atmosphere isn’t at all as charming as it used to be, but it was a tradition for Don and I to go there on our anniversary.

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:

1. Finished the pirate apron.

2. Took the boys to the dentist and Owen sat in the chair ALL BY HIMSELF!! So happy about this one!

3. Made yummy chicken croissant sandwiches for dinner! Super simple: croissant, chicken lunch meat, tomato, avacado, sprouts, and your favorite condiments. I like Miracle Whip and mustard!

4. Got my Death Knight out into the “real world”.

5. Did homework with the boys, which included decorating a turkey for Owen.

6. Did the dishes.

7. Talked to my brother on the phone – he has a new dalmatian puppy that I’ll post of picture of tomorrow!

8. Watched Friends and laughed.

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

1. Getting the house organization completed. Still have lots of stamping stuff to sell or toss.

2. Our puppy! We put a deposit down for the next littler of Nordic Spitzes!

3. Thanksgiving weekend! Should have some cool photos to share after that one! Not telling what I’m doing! 😉

4. Taking our family picture. Hopefully we can get it done this Saturday. I want to get some new photos up in the house!

5. Twilight – going to the midnight showing with my Mom and brother (Sorry, Levi) on Thursday!

6. Harry Potter 6.

7. Decorating for Christmas. I love to decorate the house for Christmas! It’s like dressing it up for a formal occasion!

8. Reading! I want to start Brisinger, and after that I’ll try reading Pride and Prejudice again. I keep falling asleep! Sorry, Pro! Don’t know why I keep snoozing when I love the movies so much!

8 Things on my Wish List:

1. Long hair. I’m growing out my hair. I want it to go past my shoulders. I can see the progress when I straighten it, but when I let it go curly I feel like it isn’t progressing.

2. Play the guitar. I took guitar lessons years and years ago and forgot everything! B recently gave me his guitar tuner since mine doesn’t work anymore, so I need to stop being a baby about it and pick up my guitar and book again! At least the guitar is in the house where it’s safe and not in the garage anymore. I want to play Blackbird – that’s my first goal!

3. Travel! There are many places Don and I want to travel to. I look forward to those times.

4. Ott lamp. Mine died! 🙁

5. New shoes, mine are in pretty bad condition.

6. A baker’s kitchen. Oh, I have a dream kitchen …

7. A robot that folds laundry, or my Brother-in-Law David can just do it for me. He likes laundry. Mwahahahahaha!

8. Star Trek technology so I can beam all over the country to visit family and friends!

8 People I’m Tagging:

Err, I’m not good at tagging! But if you decide to play along, be sure to leave me a link in the comments section! 🙂

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  1. Kelly says:

    I LOVE Panera!!!

  2. Debora says:

    Star Trek TNG rules! Good times, good times…

    LOVE your aprons!

    I need to call you soon. Lots been going on here.

  3. Jenna says:

    Thanks!! I love the croissant idea. I’ll have to do that and surprise the kids in their lunch box. I may have to nix the sprouts for them. They’d probably think I was cuckoo putting grass in their sandwich. lol.

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