May 03 2007


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There is a fun tag going around, where you list five other blogs that you enjoy going to, or blogs that you’ve recently come across. There is also the one where you share 8 or 7 things about yourself and tag others. I’ve been tagged for both of these, but haven’t had the time to put a post together until now.

I’ll start by sharing 8 things about myself, for fun!

1. My birthday is February 29th. Next year I’ll turn 8 and so will my oldest, Perrin! My Grandma Arlie was quite upset that I was born on Leap Year because it meant my birthday was only every four years. I’ve never hated it, and have enjoyed having a rare birthday.

2. My favorite band is Live. I’ve listened to them since Mental Jewlery came out, but didn’t get to go to one of their concerts until a few years ago.

3. I love to read. Especially Fantasy books. NOT THAT KIND OF FANTASY!! Hahahahahaha! I can remember the first time I read a book and actually got lost in it was when I was in the 5th grade and read The Hobbit. It was amazing to read a book and be able to see everything the author was painting for you. Currently, there are a few series I am reading: Harry Potter (of course), The Inheritance Trilogy (The Eragon books. And boy, did that movie STINK!), and the never ending Wheel of Time series. I swear, if Robert Jordan dies before finishing this series, I’ll have a melt down like you’ve never seen before! Side note: The Wheel of Time series is where we got my son’s name, Perrin, from. Geeks!

4. Blue has always been my favorite color. When I was little I was upset that I only got pink snuggle blankets from my Aunts and my brother got blue. Hahaha!

5. When I was in grade school, I honestly can’t remember how old but it was on the younger side. I fell out of the car when my Mom made a left hand turn thru a major traffic light. I spun on my back all the way across the intersection and ended up in the gutter diagonally across from the turn. I can remember looking up and seeing a car ready to make a right hand turn suddenly stop when they realized I was there. I managed to come away with only scrapes and bruises.

6. I still live in the same city I grew up in. Been here my whole life! Seen lots of changes. This means I also went to the same Jr. High and High School as my Mom.

7. I didn’t get my Driver’s License until I was 18. After that I rode the bus to work until I had enough saved to buy my own car.

8. I love mythology. My favorite movie since I was little is Clash of the Titans. I even had the lunchbox. I’d like to study mythology more, I’ve fogotten a lot over the years.

Instead of tagging, I encourage you to check out the links of blogs I like to visit. I enjoy checking new blogs out, and I’m thankful to those of you who like to check in on what I’m up to!

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  1. Allison says:

    I love Clash of the Titans too…ha ha!

  2. Debra says:

    Okay, #5 is really scary!!!!! When Erin was about 4 she ALMOST fell out at a major intersection. My mom was driving and I was in the front passenger side. Erin pulled the door handle JUST as my mom was turning and I happened to look back and see the door open and her going. I whipped my belt off and flung myself over the seat to grab her. I am SO THANKFUL NOTHING HAPPENED TO YOU!!!

    thanks for sharing your 8.

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