Mar 29 2007

let your dreams soar!

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Who likes goodies!? I’m having fun making coaster boxes this week and thought it would be fun to offer one to my readers! All images by justjohanna.

You can find the awesome tutorial to make these Coaster Boxes by Taylor under the Resources section at SCS here: Coaster Box

For this box I used paper by K&Company. It’s called Sk Blue, Green & Brown Dots Flat. It was on clearance at Michaels this weekend and I think I may go back to see if there are any left. I really like this pattern! For the focal image I stamped the hot air balloon image on Naturals White and on the patterned paper. I then stamped the greeting inside the balloon by using my Stamp-a-majig to help me place it correctly. I also stamped Chicklet left on the patterned paper so he would match.

Next I colored the hot air balloon basket and added some shadow with my Prismacolors. I cut out the focal image with my Coluzzle and cut a slit in the basket. Then I cut out the chicklet and balloon from the patterned paper. I carefully placed the chicket in the basket then adhered the patterned balloon over the stamped image. I used my white gel pen to color in the word “soar” so it would really pop!

The focal image was matted on Chocolate Chip cardstock and cut out with scallop scissors. I cut an oval with my Coluzzle for the So Saffron matt, and sponged the edges with Chocolate Chip. I added a scalloped strip of Chocolate Chip to the front of the box, then put the So Saffron oval over the top. The Chocolate Chip scalloped oval and focal image are raised up with Dimensionals. I finished it off by adding some Stickles over the word “soar” and the cute chicklet taking a ride!

I got the clever tip to use my Bind-it-All from Debbie! You can see her gorgeous box here: Thinking Inking

So, do you wanna win this box? Along with the box you’ll get a white gel pen and some Star Dust Stickles! These are two items that I always have on hand! You’ll also get some yummy limited edition Hershy Kisses! I found Vanilla Creame, Orange Creame and Coconut! YUM! YUM!

So here is what you have to do, I promise it’s not hard! A couple of years ago we decided to cut some expenses. Where we live you get really bad reception. So it’s either bunny ears on the TV or you pay for a TV service. We were paying for a service and decided to cut the expense. We both wanted to keep our high speed internet connection, and we were sad that several of our favorite shows were coming to an end. (Buffy, Angel, Friends) Unfortunately, at the time we did this Lost was just starting. We caught a few episodes before we canned the service figuring that we would just by the seasons as they came out for the same price we were paying for the monthly TV service. We really look forward to the Seasons of Lost coming out on DVD and have marathon nights where we sit and watch several in a row.

The down side to not having a TV service or any reception, is that we miss out on other TV series that people really enjoy. I know you can watch several of them on the internet thru the official sites, but when you compare a 50″ TV to a 15″ computer monitor, the answer is kinda obvious! *wink* Right now Don and I are spending our evenings watching 24! We have started from the beginning and are currently at the end of Season 2. Man! Have we been missing out! This show is GOOOOOOOD!

I also have Grey’s Anatomy waiting for me for when Don travels. I know lots of SCSers enjoy that show and I’m lucky enough to have a good friend who is lending me the series! (Thanks, Pro!)

So my question to you is this: What shows do you look forward to each week? Got any good recommendations for me when we catch up with 24? Are any of the three shows I mentioned your favorites? Tell me! Tell me! I can’t wait to see what the favorites are!

I’ll be drawing a winner on Saturday!

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  1. My must see shows each week are Gray’s Anatomy, Lost, Desperate Housewives & How I Met Your Mother. I think Gray’s Anatomy & How I Met Your Mother are my favorites for sure!

  2. Well….24 is one of my favorites too…but LOST is hands down my very favorite series of all time. I am an absolute fanatic….I am so totally confused with all these twists and turns! The coaster box is a great giveaway! Sure would be nice to win it! Thanks for your hard work on the blog too! I visit every day!

  3. Megan says:

    Hey Emily,

    Beautiful box! It’s funny – as I was reading through your post, I was thinking “Grey’s Anatomy and 24 are two of my other favorite shows besides LOST” and then you named them both. 🙂 Besides those shows, I enjoy Desperate Housewives (guilty pleasure), Gilmore Girls, and House. Those would all be great ones to pick up on DVD.


  4. I can’t imagine not having my Direct TV/DVR. You are my hero. I really need to get a life. LOL. We have two DVRs going almost every night. We watch Prison Break, 24, Lost, Friday night lights, Medium, Criminal Minds, ER, Greys, HOUSE!!!!, Bones, Ghost Whisperer, …Most of the Design Shows and How to shows. WOW, that’s alot and not even the entire list. I guess I should say that my new husband is disabled and so he watches TV all day to keep his mind off his pain.

    Now about the Box…CUTE!!! I spent the weekend with a bunch of gals that are Stickles Freaks. I’d love to get a taste of what they are crazy about.

    Thanks for your great blog & ideas.

  5. Debra says:

    I love your coaster box!!! Very cute Emily!!!

    24 is one of my favorite shows. I have a love/hate thing going on with Lost. It drives me nuts, but I HAVE to see what is going on each week. I also enjoy The Unit. And Survivor. They seriously should have voted off Rocky.

  6. Debora says:

    Hahaha…you tried to ditch, but I found you! 😉

    Well, you know us, we don’t watch anything really. If I happen to catch an episode of something once in awhile & it looks interesting, I’ll watch it. But I’m really a Jeopardy nerd!

    Love your coaster box!

  7. Linda H. says:

    Very cute coaster box !

    CSI is my all time fav show. I like the original best. Criminal minds is a good one also. If you like crime dramas these are great !

  8. Allison says:

    I am not a huge TV watcher but I don’t miss the Office…the rest of the time, I watch PBS (I know, I am a nerd!)…

    I love that box…the colors and stamps are spot-on!

  9. What a perfect contest for me…I watch all of the shows you speak of and 24 and Greys Anatomy being two of my most favorite!!!! Have fun watching both of these are they are sooo exciting!! As for suggestions…we also watch CSI (the original one) and Crossing Jordan. I am not sure if you can get Crossing Jordan on DVD but if you can you might like it!!

    Thanks for the inspiration with your box. It is adorable!! Stickles…i have some of this stuff but don’t seem to use it..I think I forget about it. I am gonna have to drag out mine and use it again!!

  10. Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen says:

    Hello! I’ve been cable-free for 7 years! So I only get 5 channels that come in. I love Survivor and Amazing Race. I love comedy shows too, but there doesn’t seem to be any good ones on anymore. Thanks for the offer of the candy!

  11. Leah says:

    I totally do the same thing with 24! And that show can just suck up a whole weekend – but you have to take a break to get your heart rate back to normal.. lol! Right now, I am enjoying Jericho (totally fictional & I can always guess what’s gonna happen – but I enjoy it anyway), & CSI (original & NY)

  12. tyrymom29 says:

    I watch greys Anatomy and I just now started watching “October road'” Every Thursday night at 10pm and i love it Tonight is the third episode …….It seems like a good one. I love this BOx !!!! PICK ME PICK ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Britiney says:

    Gray’s Anatomy is definitely my Favorite. I’m still a die hard ER fan too. With 3 boys 7 and under, our TV time is limited too. My husband records How it’s Made and Man vs. Nature on the DVR and we watch those too. Oh, and I love CSI (the original) too.

  14. Jennie says:

    Love that box!!

    I am kind of a reality show junkie but my favorite show is the Amazing Race! Some seasons are better than others but they are all good! It’s really a fun show to watch!

  15. cortney hardy says:

    Love the coaster box!! And I can’t look at the cupcakes anymore! They make me soooo hungry!! My favorite shows are NCIS and The Unit. I often wish you could pick which channels you could suscribe to. Then each channel would have a flat cost. We only watch a couple of select channels but still pay for cable, the box, etc. I wish I was brave enough to cancel it all. You go girl.

  16. Selina says:

    Grey’s Anatomy is definitely one of my favs. I really enjoy Desperate Housewives, CSI, Bones & House… Fun goodies!

  17. Sandy says:

    We have a 7 yr old daughter and are very careful what we watch so our favorite thing is Cesar Milan’s Dog Whisperer.

    The box is really pretty and I haven’t used Stickles yet but they look like fun! Love your blog and keep up with it daily.

  18. Kheila says:

    I love 24 and Medium, but Miami CSI is a must watch, no matter what else is going on! I don’t let myself get into too many shows or I wouldn’t get anything done.
    BTW, your coaster box is adorable! I want to make some of those. But I LOVE stickles and am almost out of my stardust stickles. I like to read your blog, thanks!!

  19. doverdi says:

    Love your adorable coaster box. I couldn’t imagine giving up my cable TV. Right now my must watch tv shows include: American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Medium, Grey’s Anatomy & Desparate Housewives. My favorites are Grey’s Anatomy & Medium though.

  20. pjbstamper says:

    I’m a 24 and Grey’s Anatomy fan. Plus, once in I like to watch MythBusters – I think they’re on the Discovery Channel. By the way, we have less then basic cable (not the official name) and it’s only $12.99/month. I think I should get bonus entries in the drawing for that gorgeous box cause the theme at my DD’s school this year is “Let’s Soar” – so, did I win or what??

  21. PattyE. says:

    Grey’s Anatomy and 24 are 2 of our all time favorites in our house too. A show we really like is Men In Trees, we were hesitant to watch it in the beginning but once we did we were hooked. It is a very cute show, we also like How I Met Your Mother, Ugly Betty, and Friday Night Lights.
    One of our all time favorites was the HBO series that just ended called “Rome”, it was only two season but it was excellent.
    Love your blog you always have the best ideas, thanks for the detailed instructions and naming all the products you use on each card!

  22. wendy says:

    I watch Desperate Housewives and some of the reality tv shows that come on… Real World, Bachelor/ette etc. Cheesy I know, but it’s fun! Your blog candy is awesome!!! I’d love to win, just like everyone else!

  23. Samantha says:

    What wonderful blog candy!!! I would love to win this. The shows I have to watch are…desperate houswives, grays anatomy, ugly betty, america’s next top model, and the search for the next doll (the new show about the pussy cat dolls) Thats all I usually watch. I don’t get too much tv time in.

  24. Keri Jackson says:

    Oh my! What a question!! I am a tv junkie….My favorite is Grey’s. But I also enjoy ER, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Houswives, How I met your Mother, Friday Night Lights, Ugly Betty, and Six Degrees. My favorite show before Grey’s was on was Alias, but it’s over now 🙁

    Very CUTE box!!!

  25. Diane Mc says:

    I love your coaster box….so cute.

    I love Gilmore Girls. It’s my favorite show.


  26. ~Lana B.~ says:

    I would go nuts w/out Bones, House, and Desparate Housewives! Thanks for sharing w/ us!!!
    ~Lana B.~

  27. Hmmm, let’s see, Mondays I watch How I Met Your Mother and Heroes (can’t wait for that one to come back soon!). I enjoy the occasional House,as well Scrubs.

    I absolutely love this project! It is GORGEOUS!

  28. Susan H says:

    Love all the shows you listed but I’m also really hooked on Medium and Heroes!! Heroes might be my current favorite…

  29. Kandace says:

    Great coaster box. It looks like something I could try to make with my latch key kids for Mother’s day, great idea. My three favourite shows are “Grays”, Lost, and right now America’s Next top model. But when the
    Bachelor is on then that pretty well replaces all.(Hopeless Romantic)

  30. Linda C. says:

    Ooo – Sorry you are missing LOST – it is my favorite! And the only show I’m truly loval to. I have no other shows to suggest to you! My folks enjoyed renting and watching the past years of The Sopranos, but I’ve never seen it, so this is a second-hand recommendation 🙂 Thanks for the ALL the great ideas and samples – I *LOVE* your blog!

  31. Denise (imchatty) says:

    I feel your pain. We went without TV for 5 years!!! But now that we have it again I am so hooked on having a DVR and taping all my favorite shows. I am a big American Idol fan and Desperate Housewives.

    Love your box and I happen to have lots of that paper hoarded up…just might have to make my own box if I don’t win 🙂

  32. Kay says:

    I’m a regular reader of your blog, but this question has pulled me out of lurkdom… I got a DVR for Xmas and don’t know how I lived without it (I know, very spoiled) so I watch (at my leisure without having to watch commercials) Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Men In Trees, Desperate Housewives (although it’s really getting kind of ridiculous now) Brothers & Sister, Top Chef, Project Runway and my DH is addicted to House and Bones. Some of these shows aren’t on at the moment, but they are all pretty addictive and having a DVR just makes it toooooo easy. Never watched 24, but it sounds like I need to – great question (oh, and cute box and I LOVED the cupcakes!)

  33. Dawnmercedes says:

    Well what a question!
    Monday…How I Met Your Mother followed by the Class
    Tuesday…Gilmore Girls
    Thursday…Survivor (family favorite), Ugly Betty (usually on the next day), Grey’s Anatamy, The Office, October Road, ER…whew

    That’s it…until Monday comes around again!

  34. Rita says:

    Yea for Grey’s Anatomy. Also Desperate Housewives, ER, Amazing Race and The Apprentice. Love your Coaster Box…

  35. Amber H. says:

    Cute box. Yummy coconut kisses (bad for the hips though! ;)) As for TV, we don’t watch it. BUT I do watch on the net (laptop) with my headphones! 😉 And 24 is the top on my list, of course I just learned about watch TV shows on the net so I am right at season 6! (have all the other seasons reserved at the library! lol) I also watch Grey’s Anatamy, Ugly Betty. Would love to find ER to watch on the net but haven’t so far. Haven’t started Lost but looks like that might be another one I will have to catch up on.

  36. Lynda says:

    Grey’s Anatomy….Brothers and Sisters are the only shows I make it a point to watch. I also have enjoyed the Dancing with the Stars series.

  37. What shows do you look forward to each week? I watch three shows…now a fourth…Dancing with the Stars (I love to watch Apollo Anton Ono), Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, and the newest show October Road! I try to keep up with all of these shows, it is hard to keep up!

  38. Michelle says:

    What a fun giveaway and a fun question! My biggest must-see show is Project Runway, a fashion design reality show from Bravo. Who doesn’t have an opinion on fashion? Plus the characters and challenges are great. I’ve even used a challenge or two for card inspiration! I think seasons 1 and 2 are on DVD now if you want to watch them.

  39. lois lane says:

    I am not a big TV person. I would rather watch a movie or basketball!!! I have only watched 24 a couple of times and can’t follow it, for obvious reasons. I have never watched Lost. I don’t watch them regularly but I guess my favorites are Crossing Jordan, Without a Trace and the original CSI.

  40. Bonnie says:

    Survivor and The Office…one makes me appreciate that I am not sleeping where there are snakes and the other makes me glad that I don’t work in an office anymore!

  41. Monk, House and Law and Order are my top 3 picks! I’m so excited to have found your blog!

  42. Heather Leech says:

    Hi Emily,
    I don’t watch alot of tv, but I really do enjoy my Sunday night dose of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. It’s always one of those feel-good kinda’ stories that I’m such a sap for! And of course there’s the televised games of my beloved Vancouver Canucks…but you’re probably not that interested in those!
    Love your blog!
    Heather L.

  43. Denise Bryant says:

    I’m not much into the shows that come on late, as I head to bed early….. out of necessity. My alarm goes off at 4:45 since I go to work at 6am. But the show I like to keep up with is Days of Our Lives. I’ve been watching it for years, and my Mom has watched it even longer than me. I usually tape it every day then watch when I get around to it.
    I am also liking the Celebrity dance show.

  44. Amy Reinhardt says:

    Well, I go by “streaks” as far as tv watching goes. My ultimate fave of the last couple years is definitely Greys Anatomy. LOVE THAT SHOW! Have you seen any of them at all? I didn’t start watching seriously till the beginning of season two, and I bought season one on DVD and watched them all together. I would love to buy the second season, but Im too cheap! LOL I tried recording them all on my recordable dvd, but missed a couple episodes. That’s pretty much the only show I try never to miss, other ones I enjoy are ER, Brothers and Sisters, Law & Order SVU, I loved Saved and the Closer on TNT but never know when they are airing. I like What about Brian once in a while too, it’s kind of “soapy” though. And I love alot of the stuff on Style, TLC, and Food Network. I like having those kinds of shows on while I’m stamping because there isn’t a real plot I have to pay attention to. Wow, guess I watch more tv than I thought!! Hehehe.

    Great question, and love your website!! Love the coaster box, and someone will definitely be a lucky winner, and there’s even a slight chance now it could be ME! I’ve not seen the orange cream kisses up here, but have seen the vanilla and coconut, but haven’t tried either of them yet, but they sound yummy. And speaking of yummy…..those butterflie cupcakes you made looked like works of art and made my mouth water!!! Thanks for the fun blog!! Enjoy your dvd viewing!!

  45. LN says:

    I understand the no TV reception without some kind of service. We went 11 years only getting a couple of channels. I only saw the “new” shows as reruns years later. My fave shows are: Dancing with the Stars, Greys Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Gilmore Girls and Heroes. I love your blog! Thanks for showing us neat stuff and inspiring us to keep on being creative!

  46. Ellen says:

    I love your blog. I understand the TV woes. We went 11 years with only a couple of channels—which changed depending on the season. My fave shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, Ugly Betty, Gilmore Girls and Heroes!

  47. Frankie says:

    Very cute coaster box!! Ya know, watching shows on DVD’s is one of my favorite things to do ’cause then there’s no commercials! I absolutely LOVE House, Gilmore Girls, Bones, Supernatural, CSI, Jericho and The West Wing — I was so sad when this one came to an end but at least with it on DVD, I can watch a few episodes whenever the mood strikes. Thanks for all the fun stuff you share on your blog!

  48. Tanya Smith says:

    Hello, My husband and I LOVE “House”, it is our time to spend together eachweek and watch a show together. My mom also lives it so much that we got the series for her on DVD for christmas:)


  49. Well gasp but I have never ever watched Grays Anatomy even though we do have it over here (UK), but have to say the ones we watch every week, are 24!!!, Lost!!!!, Rescue Me, A Town called Eureka (hilarious) and my husband is seriously into Bones, Heroes and a couple of others that I have not got into, oh and we both watch The Dresdon Files which I love. Great idea this

  50. Emily
    Hi! I found your site through Allison….love your version of the Coaster Box….I would love to win it too!!!!

    I don’t get a chance to see too much TV because I am really a Soap Opera junkie….but I did catch 24 a couple of times when I get so sick of watching the soaps (which is not toooooo often) anyhow I just love Keifer Sutherland….during the summer I usually watch reruns so hopefully I can catch most of the season…

  51. Debbie S says:

    Ooohh – love the new banner. Your projects are always amazing! I’m a proud member of the SCS Losties – glad to see you love the show too! 24 – more Jack this year please! I don’t watch GA. I’m more of a Prison Break & Ugly Betty fan.

  52. Denise says:

    I am a die hard Lost fan…I missed the first season and caught up watching it on my ipod (talk about small screens!) If you like Lost…try Heroes, I gotta say I almost like it better (I hope my BF Jack didn’t hear that! LOL)

  53. Anouk says:

    Love your coaster box. Way cute! My favorite show right now is House. He is so rude. I just love him!

  54. Jill King says:

    Hi Emily! I don’t have cable so I can spend the $50+ per month on what else? Stamps!! Luckily, I live in an older home and the rabbit ears fit right in! I cannot miss an episode of LOST or Survivor (the roughing it on an island theme is pure coincidence). Also, I REALLY enjoy 2 USA Network programs, Monk and Psych – my parents are kind enough to Tivo them for me. Psych is especially good; it is laugh out loud hilarous! You have to check it out!

  55. Karen - Jusgottastamp says:

    This turned out darling! So cute.

    I’m a Grey’s Anatomy freak! I couldn’t believe last night’s was a rerun. Grrr!!! Other than that, I *must* watch Heroes. This is its first season, so I don’t know if or when it’ll be available on DVD. I liken it to X-Men…so if you like that concept, you’ll appreciate Heroes. Other than that, I watch Ellen in the afternoon & lots of PBS & Baby Einstein during the day! 😉

  56. DensieLynn says:

    LOVE Grey’s Anatomy!! I just don’t like that it got moved to Thursdays – now I almost always miss it. *insert very sad face* I seldom watch TV but do like Despearte Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. I also have a special spot in my heart for the old “Gilmore Girls” show that was on WB … not sure if it’s still running or not but I do have one of the seasons on DVD and would like to get more. It’s a girl show for sure and it’s perfect when my hubby is away and I’ve got time to sit and be entertained. Gee does anyone else like that one or is it just me?! Hee Hee

  57. Julie K says:

    Lost and Grey’s Anatomy are my two absolute do not miss shows. I also Tivo What About Brian, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty to watch after the kiddo goes to sleep or whenever there isn’t anything else good to watch on tv. Adorable box!

  58. I am a CSI fan! Yes, even after all these years the original is my favorite! I also love to watch LOST and when I can get DS to bed before 8:30 I enjoy House.

    Your box is so cute! *I do NOT need a Bind-it-All, I do NOT need. . . . . * 😉

  59. Aimee30 says:

    I look forward to new episodes of Heros, Smallville and Law and Order(all of them). Love watching the reruns of Charmed and a few others.

  60. Melissa says:

    Well, I’m a reality show junkie so I must watch Survivor and Amazing Race every week. I’ll watch them all once. But I love CSI. . .the original one in Vegas. The one last night with the 6 showgirls was gripping!
    Love your coaster box! It’s so cute. I check your blog every day. . .it’s listed in my favorites. Love your new stamps for Just Johanna too! So cute!!

  61. Claudia F. says:

    We love “Men In Trees”, all the CSI’s, Criminal Minds.
    Claudia F.

  62. Gina Wrona says:

    #1 Boston Legal – Tuesday @ 10 pm
    #2 According to Jim – Wednesday 9pm
    #3 Medium – Wednesday 10pm
    #4 Deal or no Deal – Sun & Mon 9 pm
    #5 ER – Thursday 10pm

    Red Wing Hockey Games, if I can get the tv away from my daughter watching Disney channel 24/7. JK.

  63. Dawn Knapp says:

    Hi Emily! Love the coaster box…so cute! My fav show is Survivor! Other than that I pretty much watch all those reality shows on VH1 and Friends reruns.

  64. Beth says:

    Wow Emily – that coaster box is beautiful!! What a fun give-away!! Let’s see – my favorite shows are (not in order):

    The Office
    New Adventures of Old Christine (with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss)
    CSI Miami
    Desperate Housewives

    other than that, I like to watch the home & garden shows like “Clean Sweep” and cooking shows like 30 Minute Meals; stuff like that.

  65. Melisa says:

    Your coaster box is beautiful.
    My DH and I are fans of “Bones”,”CSI -Vegas” and “House”. Lucily we can TIVO them so we can watch them Sunday nights together.

  66. mara says:

    I just absolutely love your box. I really hope I win it.
    But I look forward to Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty, Men in Trees.

  67. LoriM says:

    “24” is my absolute favorite and Kiefer is my TV boyfriend.

    The show I fell in love with this year is “Friday Night Lights” it is without a doubt the best show on television EVER. I really hope NBC renews it, I’ll be so devasted if they don’t. You must get the DVDs when they come out. It’s a truly awesome hour of television each week. The actors are amazing and the story lines are fabulous.

    I also love “Supernatural”…mostly for the eye candy that is Jensen Ackles (who also happens to be a truly fantastic actor much like Kiefer Sutherland).

    The box is SO cute and I love reading your blog, they new place looks really good.

  68. Bridget says:

    Hi Emily, I love watching HGTV but I also wouldn’t miss: Grey’s Anatomy, House, Survivor, or Amazing Race. Love the box by the way. I’ve been so torn about getting a BIA but I have a Rubi so am trying to justify it!

  69. lilian says:

    we’ve been watching american idol for the past couple seasons, but this season is not as great.

    usual favorites are law & order CI and CSI.

  70. Laura j says:

    Love those chipboard boxes! I don’t watch much tv however Grey’s Anatomy is one show that I’ve recently started to watch. Your blog is great!

  71. Cheryl says:

    My favorite shows to watch are, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and 2 1/2 Men. Love that show!

  72. Sarah says:

    I love your cards. My fav TV to watch is The Office — absolutely cannot miss this one, Lost, and Grey’s AND some bad reality TV when I have to veg out.

  73. Vicki says:

    Great little coaster box……My fave show right now is American Idol, also I never miss Grey’s Anatomy and What about Brian

  74. Cathy Whiteman says:

    Absolute favorite is “24”. I also like “Dancing with the Stars” and we sometimes watch “Scrubs” and “King of Queens” but i think those are reruns.

  75. Elaine says:

    HI!!! Wow!! Great to share you creation!! I love it!! I love your writing too – what a fun place to visit! 🙂

  76. Elaine says:

    p.s. grey’s is my fave and boston legal also

  77. Leanne says:

    The shows I look forward to are House, and Numb3rs

  78. Lori Faeber says:

    Let’s see…what shows do I look forward to. I love showtime and have a couple I like there. The Soprano’s (which hasn’t started their final season yet) and the L Word. I love Dancing with the Stars and reruns of Reba. Love that show. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  79. Janet says:

    Well, Grey’s like you said. I also have liked Gilmore Girls, but it seems like its dribbling towards the end of the season and isn’t as clever as it used to be since they changed writers.

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