Nov 08 2011

yummy yummy

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This past weekend we kept it low key. Don and I weren’t feeling the best, so we just enjoyed the move to California cold weather and enjoyed the rainy Sunday. We celebrated by having a pajama day and baking cookies! We’ve been getting some beautiful pomegranates in our weekly fruit and vegetable baskets recently, which sent me looking for some fun new recipes to try. As fate would have it, there was a very tempting Double Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Cookie recipe posted to MADE on the day I started searching. You can find it here: MADE: Double Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Cookies

Having growing boys who are learning about fractions makes it fun for me in the kitchen. They were excited to help so I put them to use right away, before they decided there were more interesting things to do. hehe! Mr. P helped measure and drop the ingredients into the mixer, which I enjoyed because I hate washing shortening off my fingers! 😉

Mr. O was in the background apparently having a really fun time getting all the yummy “jewels” out of the pomegranate. We won’t mention that he also had a really fun time squashing half of them. *grimace* Luckily, I was left with enough for the cookies!

The cookies turned out delicious! The only difference I made was using all semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of mixing 1/2 semi and 1/2 milk because I didn’t have any milk chocolate chips in my pantry – which is kind of odd considering I prefer milk chocolate in my chocolate chip cookies. I will definitely be making these again!

Next pomegranate recipe will be some muffins! Nom nom!

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Nov 02 2011

trick or treat!

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Another Halloween gone! I’m always sad when Halloween is over because I have so much fun making the costumes for the boys, having the house spooky all month, and enjoying fun Halloween events. Then I realize that we have a four day weekend coming up and Thanksgiving break for a week! After a month of no school holidays, it can sometimes be a challenge to make it thru October and makes November very appealing! LOL!

This year the boys were characters from one of their favorite DSi games: Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light

Meet Brandt:

Their costumes were fairly similar, varying in color and accessories. I used a pirate pattern for both since the shirts for both characters looked very similar to what I had a pattern for. But let me tell you, I’m never making two pirate shirts at the same time again! They were labor intensive, to say the least. Lots of pieces to cut out, gathering, and interfacing. However, when they were done, the boys looked pretty cool!

Brandt required a short vest, made out of fleece, and a couple of accessories from Perrin’s Pretend Box.

Meet Jusqua:

Owen was asked countless times if he was Harry Potter. He also told me he was asked if he was Yoda, a Karate kid, or Gandalf. Haha! He was a good sport and didn’t mind telling anyone who would ask or guess that he was “Jusqua, J-U-S-Q-U-A, from Final Fantasy: the 4 Heroes of Light. It’s this DSi game I like.”

His jacket was fun and I think he’ll be wearing a lot this “winter”. The staff was also a big hit. My Mom found the wood in their stash in their backyard and my Dad drilled the hole for me to glue in the Christmas ornament. I cracked a bunch of glow sticks and shoved them inside before hot glueing it to the top. It looked pretty cool as we Trick-or-Treated and helped me keep track of him. 😉

Meet Upset Dog:

Yeah. He’s not from Final Fantasy. He did not like wearing his costume.

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Oct 18 2011


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Finding time for myself has always been a challenge for me. The time to tell myself to go out and take some healthy time is okay. That’s it’s okay to take 30 min, or 40 min, to take a walk, ride my bike, or (try) to run. 😉

This week, that starts.

Exercise for me starts today.

I have a goal in mind that I want to reach. Nothing drastic. I’ve never had the body type to be really slender. I come from farm stock and have a strong build – something my Perrin inherited. Rawlins are strong, not slim, and that’s okay. Being slim doesn’t have to be my goal. Strong is my goal. I don’t need to be in single digit jeans. Doubles are okay, I just want to lower that number.

So this week I start putting more effort into my morning to make time to start a healthy habit. I owe it to myself and to my family.

The picture is from my morning ride yesterday. I take Sammy on a 1 mile run each morning. He has a lot of fun running along side my bike and I enjoy feeling the morning cool on my face.

Yesterday I did 1 mile on my bike in the morning, 1 1/2 miles on my bike in the evening.

Today I did 1 mile on my bike in the morning and 1 mile walk/jog in the morning.

And it didn’t kill me!

Goal for the week – three more morning bike rides, 1 more morning walk/jog, and four more evening bike rides.


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Oct 06 2011

halloween wreath

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I finished my Halloween wreath just before October started, then it took me longer to take a photo of it than it did to make it! Haha! I’ve been enjoying all the inspiration found on pintrest, and fell in love with the yarn wrapped wreaths. I like the look of the texture from the yarn combined with the softness of felt! Since I already have a Christmas wreath, I decided to make a yarn wrapped wreath for Halloween.

I used a styrofoam wreath form, hot glue, and yarn for the base. To make it easier on myself, I cut a couple yards of yarn to wrap around the wreath form at a time. I simply secured the ends with hot glue from the back of the wreath. Since the form is white and my yarn is black you could see holes after going around just once, so I did a double layer of yarn which is what I’m guessing most people do when creating the yarn wreaths. I then made several felt roses, varying the size of them by how tightly or loosely I rolled the felt. The bow was attached and it hung on my door with no spider for a few days. I thought it needed one more touch so I stopped by Michaels and found that pretty spider pin! The perfect touch!

Now I have to restrain myself from just sitting and making felt roses. Those were fun!

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Sep 28 2011


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A couple of weeks ago we had family baby shower for one of my sisters-in-law. She’s expecting her first boy and I thought it would be nice for the girls to get together, go out for dinner, and leave the kids at home! Even though it wasn’t a big family and friends shower, I still wanted to do some cute favors. I found some yummy chocolate dipped short bread cookies at my local Costco. I put them in individual cellophane bags and put two in each favor bag. Then I had fun decorating the bags! I love the little pennants and flags I’m seeing everywhere, so I took that bit is whimsy and made flags for our names. I used lollipop sticks and secured them to the bags with twine.

It was such a fun night eating at Olive Garden, visiting, and watching Tiffany open her presents for little Dylan! We all learned that time with just the girls is so much fun and hopefully something we can do more often! All the Dads did such a good job watching the kids that I think we could pull this off more than once every 14 years! LOL!!

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Sep 19 2011


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I needed a break from the cabled scarf for sanity’s sake, that meant doing a crochet project! I thought it would be fun to make a bacon scarf and after searching online for a pattern I decided to just wing it.

It’s a simple ripple pattern and was a rather quick project to finish.

Now back to the knitting project!

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Aug 24 2011

when a problem comes along, you must w.i.p. it!

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Been a little crazy with school back in full swing, but I’m adjusting to having a 4th and 6th grader pretty good – considering I’m in denial about having a 6th grader!

This is a picture of my current W.I.P. (work in progress). After finishing a crochet project, that I’ll share at a later time, I decided I better work on a knitting project so I don’t forget anything! The only fancy skill I have with knitting is cables so I really don’t want to forget how to read cable instructions! I started this earlier this year and got so frustrated with it that I stuck it in a box deciding I needed a break from it. I only had three complete rows of cables done. Apparently I really needed that break because now I’m really enjoying the pattern.

This is easily the most complicated pattern I’ve attempted so far. Click to see Ravelry link.

I had to write out the entire cable panel directions in my notebook so I wouldn’t mess up and I have my trusty sticky note that follows my progress as I mark off each row. It has taken me a lot of work to get that far, but I’m getting faster at the pattern and as long as I’m not watching anything too engaging, or trying to hold a conversation, I do just fine! Hahaha! (A couple of people know what I’m talking about! I’ve gotten good at putting the stitches back on the needle so I can redo my mess ups!)

This scarf is a long overdue promised gift … I’m just hoping to have it finished before October! Wish me luck!

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Aug 03 2011

midnight soak

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Sorry, these pictures aren’t the best quality! I need to experiment and learn to take better night time photos.

Okay, so it wasn’t midnight, it was 8:45. When your Mom lets you stay up until 8:45 (their bedtime is about 7:45) so you can super soak your Dad and Uncles returning from an evening bike ride, you tend to get a little crazy.

I’m sad I’m awful at night pictures because the boys had fun ambushing their Dad and Uncles as they turned the corner. We had a mini water war in the street as the bikers (haha) circled around the boys, wanting to get squirted after their ride. Summer bike rides make water attacks refreshing like that!

I think they did a pretty good job! Haha!!

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Jul 27 2011


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Earlier this week I was bored and wanting to create something. I remembered this beautiful butterfly bell jar created on Sweet Paul and that was all the inspiration I needed! I got my boys ready and we headed down to Michaels. The only thing I ended up purchasing for this was the moss! Here’s how I did it:

I began by following Sweet Paul’s directions to search for butterfly prints. I printed mine out on a transparency sheet because I wanted to be able to see thru their wings. (If you don’t want to print anything, you can find beautiful feather winged butterflies at your local craft store.) After printing them out I simply cut them and put them to the side.

Next, I took a very sturdy disposable plate, turned it upside down and hot glued the moss all over it. I did this because I didn’t want to hot glue my branch directly to the cake stand I planned on using for my display. I also really liked the idea of adding more texture, and I’ve kind of been in love with mini terrariums lately. This gave my project a terrarium-ish feel to it.

I then sent Mr. P outside to gather some rocks for me. This helped to break down all that moss so that the branch would pop better. I placed the rocks where I wanted them, then hot glued the branch to the base and the rocks. I took care to hide the end in the moss.

Just before adding the butterflies, I wanted to add one more detail. I got some white Prima flowers from my long neglected stash. I used two different sizes, crumpling them up and gluing them on top of each other before hot gluing them to the branch. You could also use silk flowers or create some out of paper.

The only thing left to do was glue the butterflies to the flowers! I made sure to fold each wing up for the needed dimension, giving them a more life-like appearance.

This now sits on my entry table and I love it! I thought of changing up the flowers but my purpose for using white to begin with was to help show off the butterflies better. So the white will stay!

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Jul 25 2011


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We actually got a summer break this year. No more year-round school meant we got about 10 weeks of summer break. We’ve made good use of the time with a family vacation, a family reunion, and various weekly activities (not to mention the occasional Pajama Day 😉 )

Sammy, we have learned, is a very good traveler. He didn’t make a peep as he rode along with us in his crate all the way to Idaho and back for our family vacation. He also made a friend! Lucky is a beautiful Brittany, full of energy! The two of them played non-stop in between “nap times” every day we were there.

I think meeting Lucky was the highlight of Sammy’s summer!

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