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Feb 05 2010

fuzzy face friday

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Here’s a fuzzy face for your Friday. We like to feed him treats thru the slats of our shutters when he’s in the backyard. 😆 I like taking pictures of Sammy more than I thought I would. Poor dog! Happy Weekend!

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Jan 23 2010

rain, rain …

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You might think from this photo that Sam didn’t like the rainy weather in So Cal this week, but you’d be wrong. He likes the rain. He likes the rain so much that he likes to go out into the rain, run around, and then come back in when he’s had enough. What he doesn’t […]

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Jan 17 2010


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Need to run a little upload test and decided to share a photo taken a couple months ago of my niece Brooke, Perrin and Sam. We had a family get together at my Sister-in-Law Jenna’s home, who luckily lives a street crossing away from a playing field. It was very cute that day with Perrin […]

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Jan 08 2010


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When we decided on Sam’s name I looked all over for any type of Lord of the Rings inspired dog ID tag and found nothing! Then I came across an awesome store on etsy called yabettasupadont. (click on her name to see her etsy shop) I was excited that I could request a custom dog […]

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Jan 03 2010

happy new year

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Wishing you a wonderful year full of belly rubs and all that good stuff, just a few days late. 😉

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Nov 02 2009

this is halloween ’09

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This year I did a lot of sewing for the boys’ costumes. And thanks to my procrastination they got to change who they wanted to be at the last minute. 😆 Meet Ash Ketchum: This costume was really fun to put together and I was thankful that Perrin picked somebody who only required a jacket […]

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Oct 01 2009


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Yesterday, during a homework recess, the boys we out back and blew bubbles. It became more entertaining once Sammy joined in and I grabbed my camera to catch the fun. When I was going thru the pictures today they made me laaaaaaaugh! I love his determination to jump and pop the bubble. He’s actually quite […]

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Sep 14 2009

monday puppy face

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Easily the best toy we’ve bought, and a big favorite with Sam, is his wubba! If you have a dog, you’ve probably seen these everywhere! They are easily found in pet supply stores as well as online and in retail chains. I love them! Easy to play tug of war with and to toss for […]

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Jul 21 2009

ice ice baby

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It’s been getting hot over here and my blogging slowed down, mostly due to the boys taking swim lessons from their Auntie Heather. They’ve been having tons of fun, making lots of progress and it’s been a great way to start the day with the temperatures rising! Unfortunately the other little boy around here can’t […]

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Jul 09 2009


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The boys have started swimming lessons with their Auntie Heather and are having a blast! On the first day it was nice and relaxing after lessons because it wore them out. Then I realized it was a little too quiet, and every parent knows what that usually means! 😆 So I went looking for Owen […]

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