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Jul 09 2009


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The boys have started swimming lessons with their Auntie Heather and are having a blast! On the first day it was nice and relaxing after lessons because it wore them out. Then I realized it was a little too quiet, and every parent knows what that usually means! 😆 So I went looking for Owen […]

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Jun 29 2009

monday puppy face

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It’s Monday, the boys are of-track until August 3rd (So happy to be going to B Track!), and we have started a major home re-organization in an effort to make our home a more relaxing and functional place to be. So while I’m humoring Don today, here is a recent picture of Sammy’s puppy face!

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Jun 24 2009


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We finally took Sammy out for his first “hike” this past Saturday. I put it in quotes because we didn’t actually find the hike we were looking for, so we stopped, parked, and hiked down a dirt road for about a mile. One of my favorite things to take pictures of during our hikes is […]

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Jun 22 2009


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This weekend we took Sammy on his first “trail hike”. The quotes are necessary because we didn’t actually make it to the trail, more on that later, but we did end up taking a nice walk down a dirt road. I always like to photograph some of the flowers we pass, just to practice shooting […]

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Jun 11 2009


Some of my favorite conversations between my boys occur on the way to or from school. This morning Perrin was talking to Owen on the way to school. They were talking about normal things for them, including video games, when Perrin says the following: “I never blinked when I was little.” This caused me to […]

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Jun 06 2009


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Been spending time with this fuzzy face as well as celebrating two Birthdays within two days of each other. 🙂 While I get those pictures ready to share, I thought I’d show you the face I get when I’m holding treats. Sammy is very interested in getting treats, and he lets you know it! Fortunately, […]

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Jun 02 2009


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Thought I’d finally participate in the fun iheartfaces challenge this week. I’ve been admiring the photos and challenges that are held each week and finally took the plunge to upload to it!

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May 13 2009


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Been having a lot of fun taking this fur ball out on daily walks. The boys and I go in the mornings for about 50 minutes. Then in the evenings we all go together for about 40 minutes. He’s getting really good at being in the van for the drives and you can tell he’s […]

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May 11 2009


I snapped this photo yesterday and I just love it! The look on Perrin’s face is priceless. He’s been so excited to have a dog and just loves Sammy, so he’s always happy to get big wet puppy kisses.

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May 06 2009


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A few months ago we went on one of our favorite hikes to the Vernal Pools. It had recently rained a lot so the water level was very high and the frogs were very noisy! The boys had a lot of fun watching the frogs and trying to guess where they were by listening to […]

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