Mar 07 2012

one and a half

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Last month I ended up having a huge problem with the yarn I purchased for the lace shawl I was excited to knit. It didn’t come in a ball and when I tried to wind it I ended up creating a ginormous KNOT! It took the better part of three weeks to untangle it, resulting in an accidental cut, causing me to give myself a face palm so loud you could hear it on the moon.

So once I successfully completed the ball, I had to take a break from the yarn drama. Haha

Enter an awesome chance to take a quilting class from a wonderful (understatement!) quilter of my ward! I’ve been enjoying quilting class every Thursday morning and have been working my best to finish a quilt I started about two years ago. (Sad proof)

I’m currently working on completing the sashing around the stars so I can lay out my blocks and arrange them together! It’s so fun and it’s been a really good experience for me to get to go out once a week and work on a project. Making myself leave the house forces me to work on the quilt instead of finding reasons to put it off. I’m hoping to have my quilt top completed in time for next week’s class!

THEN I’ll pick up the needles and cast on! 😉

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