Oct 06 2011

halloween wreath

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I finished my Halloween wreath just before October started, then it took me longer to take a photo of it than it did to make it! Haha! I’ve been enjoying all the inspiration found on pintrest, and fell in love with the yarn wrapped wreaths. I like the look of the texture from the yarn combined with the softness of felt! Since I already have a Christmas wreath, I decided to make a yarn wrapped wreath for Halloween.

I used a styrofoam wreath form, hot glue, and yarn for the base. To make it easier on myself, I cut a couple yards of yarn to wrap around the wreath form at a time. I simply secured the ends with hot glue from the back of the wreath. Since the form is white and my yarn is black you could see holes after going around just once, so I did a double layer of yarn which is what I’m guessing most people do when creating the yarn wreaths. I then made several felt roses, varying the size of them by how tightly or loosely I rolled the felt. The bow was attached and it hung on my door with no spider for a few days. I thought it needed one more touch so I stopped by Michaels and found that pretty spider pin! The perfect touch!

Now I have to restrain myself from just sitting and making felt roses. Those were fun!

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  1. Grandma #1 says:

    Beautiful!! So elegant and with the spider definately Halloween.

  2. Betheny says:

    {GASP!!} I LOOOOOOOOVE it! So classy & elegant! LOVE that ribbon.

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