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Aug 24 2011

when a problem comes along, you must w.i.p. it!

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Been a little crazy with school back in full swing, but I’m adjusting to having a 4th and 6th grader pretty good – considering I’m in denial about having a 6th grader! This is a picture of my current W.I.P. (work in progress). After finishing a crochet project, that I’ll share at a later time, […]

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Aug 03 2011

midnight soak

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Sorry, these pictures aren’t the best quality! I need to experiment and learn to take better night time photos. Okay, so it wasn’t midnight, it was 8:45. When your Mom lets you stay up until 8:45 (their bedtime is about 7:45) so you can super soak your Dad and Uncles returning from an evening bike […]

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