Jul 27 2011


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Earlier this week I was bored and wanting to create something. I remembered this beautiful butterfly bell jar created on Sweet Paul and that was all the inspiration I needed! I got my boys ready and we headed down to Michaels. The only thing I ended up purchasing for this was the moss! Here’s how I did it:

I began by following Sweet Paul’s directions to search for butterfly prints. I printed mine out on a transparency sheet because I wanted to be able to see thru their wings. (If you don’t want to print anything, you can find beautiful feather winged butterflies at your local craft store.) After printing them out I simply cut them and put them to the side.

Next, I took a very sturdy disposable plate, turned it upside down and hot glued the moss all over it. I did this because I didn’t want to hot glue my branch directly to the cake stand I planned on using for my display. I also really liked the idea of adding more texture, and I’ve kind of been in love with mini terrariums lately. This gave my project a terrarium-ish feel to it.

I then sent Mr. P outside to gather some rocks for me. This helped to break down all that moss so that the branch would pop better. I placed the rocks where I wanted them, then hot glued the branch to the base and the rocks. I took care to hide the end in the moss.

Just before adding the butterflies, I wanted to add one more detail. I got some white Prima flowers from my long neglected stash. I used two different sizes, crumpling them up and gluing them on top of each other before hot gluing them to the branch. You could also use silk flowers or create some out of paper.

The only thing left to do was glue the butterflies to the flowers! I made sure to fold each wing up for the needed dimension, giving them a more life-like appearance.

This now sits on my entry table and I love it! I thought of changing up the flowers but my purpose for using white to begin with was to help show off the butterflies better. So the white will stay!

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  1. Grandma #1 says:

    Very nice Emily. Good step by step info. You should be on U-Tube.

    Love mom

  2. julie says:

    Who was that last comment from??? Is that spam? Anyway, this looks really pretty. Also, it’s fun to get a little peek at your house.

  3. waterpixie says:

    HAHAHAHA!! I didn’t see it! deleting it now!

  4. Crochet with Raymond says:

    This is stunning! What an awesome work of art, I love it, and love the mossy goodness,
    thank you for the blanket appreciation! Yes, no dent in stash, eeks…
    have an awesome week XXX

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