Jun 09 2011

summer 2011

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Last week a friend of mine shared a list of things that her family wanted to do for the summer (Thanks, Kimberly! 🙂 ). I loved this idea and Sunday evening we sat as a family around our kitchen table and took turns listing things we’d like to do together for the Summer of 2011.

I simply used stickers to spell out our name and to include the year in the bottom corner. As activities were listed, I made a square to check off and listed the activity. The boys and I went to Michaels to pick out star stickers to mark the completed activities and I got an easel to hold the list. I keep it displayed in our piano room with the star stickers behind it, making it easy to mark them off and to keep us reminded of fun activities to do!

I don’t know if we’ll get them all completed by the end of summer (August 9th for us) but we’ll have fun filling up the page with stickers! We’ll be marking more of them off this weekend and I have plans to make fun get togethers out of a couple of them!

I hope I shared this early enough for any of you who like this idea! It took us a little bit of time to fill up the paper, but it was fun to listen to everyone’s ideas and the boys liked that they got to be included on deciding activities for the summer. PLUS it will give them visual proof that we did something during our time off! 😆 Hahaha! 😉

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  1. Love this idea and everything on the list!! I should just get a copy of that and print “Wood” on the side 🙂

  2. julie says:

    I’ve only made a list in my head but “a goal not written down is a dream” so I better write one. I love your list! Please take pictures of backwards day for me. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. Thanks for sharing. I hope you get to do them all!

  3. Betheny says:

    Lemme know when you have your banana split party…I’ll be there. 😉

  4. Grandma #1 says:

    Great idea!

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