Jun 03 2011


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We started off the Summer with a weekend full of Birthday fun! My boys are two days apart and sometimes we like to have a big family day by going somewhere fun. This year we were able to surprise the boys with a weekend trip to Disneyland and wore ourselves out. Hehe!

With the boys getting bigger, we try to trick them on to the bigger rides. Sometimes they catch on and that’s when we resort to bribery. It’s been 12 years since we’ve been on some of the rides so we get pretty desperate to experience the faster rides our boys. This year we got them on Matterhorn and Splash Mountain. They had a return trip to Space Mountain, which I was excited about since I had to sit out the ride last time with Mr. P who didn’t want to go on it AT ALL.

We had park hopper passes and spent a day at California Adventure which has added some fun rides since the last time we were there years ago! The Toy Story ride became a quick favorite, trumping the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney by a long shot! I’d buy a ticket to California Adventure just to go on the Toy Story ride all day long! LOL!

I think the boys’ favorite present this year are the Nerf guns they got from their Uncle. It pays to have a super cool Uncle who likes to buy them the bigger guns! Since they got their gifts the downstairs gets set up as a Nerf shooting alley.

So far we’ve had a good kick off to Summer break! I have several projects I hope to complete during the time off, beginning with drapes for downstairs and completing my current knitting project. I got a fun idea from one of my friends to make a summer list that I hope to complete as a family this weekend and share on here next week.

Happy Friday!

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