Mar 26 2010

fuzzy face friday

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Don’t let the snuggly face fool you. He’s been a fuzzy monster this week.

We have the back yard restricted a bit to keep him from digging where we want the grass to recover. (darn doggie noses)

This week he’s been bending the wire fence down, jumping over it and having a hey-day peeping at the neighbor’s dogs. He’s a peeper, he made a hole to peep at them. And darned if he doesn’t look cute jumping over that fence. Don’t tell Don I think it’s cute, I’m supposed to think it’s naughty.

So he’s sure to give me his best cute face while he’s inside to make up for the naughty.

And when it’s at the feet of this:


I buy it.

Just don’t ask me about it.

Happy Friday!

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