Mar 19 2010

fuzzy face friday

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It’s been a very different week for us here, which I may share at a later time when things have settled down to reality.

For now, it feels like we’re doing the chicken run, you know, when their heads are cut off (or shot off, like I once saw my Aunt do. Impressive and upsetting to an Elementary School student. LOL). Hopefully some of that will settle after the weekend.

We’ve been enjoying a moderately relaxing time off-track. Which will be our last since our school district is going traditional next year and we’ll no longer get month long breaks during the year. I really don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when the boys are home for the duration of a “real” summer.

For now, I’ve been working on my knitting!


I started lessons last Wednesday and learned how to cast on, knit, purl, and bind off. My homework is to use those skills on this scarf. You get the cool ridges by alternating your knit and purl stitches! I love the cheerfulness of the green. It will be a reminder of Spring when I use it next winter.

I’ll be reporting in to my awesome teacher at A Knit Affair next week. I was supposed to go this week but decided to have a migraine instead.

How silly of me!

My excitement over learning to knit is one of extreme nerdiness. I’m still at the point where you can’t hold a conversation with me or I’ll royally mess up, but I make up for it by annoyingly showing Don how my scarf looks every five minutes making him pretend to be impressed.

So far he’s a good sport.

Happy Friday! And Happy Weekend!

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