Feb 01 2010

fluffy edge

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Above is another one of the projects I finished for the baby shower. I loved this more than I thought I would and it was a simple project to finished, especially compared to the full crocheted stroller blanket.

The directions for this project were found in the Oct/Nov ’06 Crochet Today. Ruffled Fleece Blanket

It’s a very generous baby blanket, using a 38″ square cut of fleece.

Simply put, you blanket stitch the edges then use those for the base of your crocheted edge. It was more time consuming to blanket stitch around the outside, since you need to take care to end on an even number. My fingers hurt after the blanket stitching, but it’s worth it when you use the fun fluffy yarn and see your cozy finished project. I am hoping to find a blade for my rotary cutter which will cut out holes so I can start my single crochets on the blanket.

The yarn I used is Patons Melody Quick & Cozy in Pinky Girl. We were only able to find this yarn at our local JoAnn’s.

Besides contacting the magazine for back-issues, I suggest seeking out a local yarn store. I was lucky to find many back issues of Crochet Today at my local yarn store.

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  1. BJ says:

    Could you give me the pattern for the ruffled edge on the fleece blanket? Thanks. bj

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