Dec 08 2009


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December tends to lead to me getting behind on blogging. We have a birthday, family holiday party, school parties, Christmas, and family slumber party rolled into this month.

It makes the month go faster than we’d like.

So we spend the evenings relaxing together, watching shows while Don pretends to read (because he ends up watching the show) and I either crochet or bake.

Last week I baked!

I made these yummies:


The recipe for these Carrot Cupcakes comes from the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book.

They are gooooooood! I wasn’t always a fan of carrot cake. It wasn’t until these past few years that I liked it and now that I can make them in cupcake form, I’m a happy camper!

I even made 8 of them just for Don. With no raisins. I made it a game for him since he had to look on the bottom to see if I had written his name on the cupcake liner, letting him no they were raisin-free.

They went together super easy and I even cheated by buying a bag of shredded carrots since I have no grater or food processor.

A couple of days later I made these:


Red Velvet goodness, I assume.

I “assume” because I let Don take them into work, saving only one for me to eat later, and the returned with an empty container. He said they went faster than the Carrot Cupcakes.

I never got to eat my cupcake because some little Sweet Tooth did the job for me.

I guess I’ll have to make them again since I wanted to compare them to a previous Red Velvet recipe I made before. To tell the truth, I don’t know what the big deal is about Red Velvet cupcakes, but anything with Cream Cheese Frosting tastes good to me!

This recipe was also from the Martha book, as well as the frosting.

While I’m in a typing mood, here’s my quick take on New Moon, before I forget.

I liked it.

Budget makes a huge difference. The wolves looked pretty good, even if the first time you actually get to see one (not just as a set of glowing eyes in the dark) I was immediately reminded of NeverEnding Story. When G’mork (the wolf) was talking to Atreyu from his cave at the end of the film. My Mom always liked what the wolf said and I try to hard to remember what he says that I forget. But with the magic of the internet, I can imdb it and Ta’dah! Now I can read it!


The color in New Moon was better. I appreciated not having everything in blues and grays, although I think it served fine for Twilight.

There was a corny running scene. Those of you who saw it should know what I mean. It made 80% of the audience laugh even though it’s not intentionally funny.

I didn’t go to a midnight showing and I think that made it better for me since I wasn’t tired.

I have now lost my train of thought since I talked too much about NeverEnding Story.

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  1. Allison Wilson says:

    Emily, I happened upon your blog awhile back, and find myself in awe of the wonderful pictures you take. You need to be a professional !

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