Oct 14 2009

money monster

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Still working on my quilt! I’ll have more pictures of that to share later. For now, I wanted to share with you this little guy that I created over the weekend:


My brother’s birthday was this past Sunday, and instead of making a card to hold his “universal gift card” I decided to make a Money Monster.

The idea came to me Saturday night and I spent Sunday creating the pattern and sewing the first of these Money Monsters.

It was fun! He stands about 8 1/2 inches high and is made out of fleece, which I really like because it’s so soft and fun to cut the spikes out of.

His mouth is where you put the money, and you push it down his throat. Makes it fun to see how quickly the recipient discovers that it’s not just a monster plush, but actually holds their birthday dough inside.

I learned that I stuffed this one a little too much, as it was a little hard to get the money out (but it might also have something to do with Don thinking he was funny and shoving the money down as far as it would go). So next time I’ll make his throat a little wider on the inside and not stuff him as much.

I was glad I had these cat safety-eyes in my stash. I had forgotten about them and it’s my first time using them. They make perfect monster eyes!

Now if only I could freeze time and crank a bunch of these out before I have to start on Halloween costumes! LOL!

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  1. Beth M says:

    Oh my goodness is this cute! Love the bright little monster.

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