Sep 14 2009

monday puppy face

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Easily the best toy we’ve bought, and a big favorite with Sam, is his wubba! If you have a dog, you’ve probably seen these everywhere! They are easily found in pet supply stores as well as online and in retail chains.

I love them! Easy to play tug of war with and to toss for Sammy to chase and catch. He likes to squeak it as he’s running back to bring it to me to toss again – which I think is cute! 😉

Anyway, my brother’s dalmatian turned one yesterday and we had a little “paw-ty” for her! LOL! Sammy wore a tie, I’ll have to share a picture of that later – after I download them from my camera and stop giggling!

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  1. jami says:

    Soooo soooo cute!!!!

  2. Megan says:

    that is a cute dog!!!

  3. Megan says:

    i wish he was mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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