Jun 23 2009

i heart faces : Let’s hear it for the boys

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For the challenge this week it’s all about the boys!

Kids Category:

I’ve been taking lots of pictures of Sammy with the boys and this one of him with Perrin just tells me that THIS is why we got a dog. He’s just in heaven with that little dog every time he sees him. This photo was taken right after Sammy gave him a big wet, lickery kiss! (What movie? LOL!)


Adults Category:

For the adults category I couldn’t pass up what’s possibly my favorite picture I’ve taken of Don. So sad it was lost when my hard drive crashed, and thankful that I uploaded it here before that!


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3 Responses to “i heart faces : Let’s hear it for the boys”

  1. Dot O says:

    The first is adorable – nothing like a boy and his dog. The second photo is awesome. Glad you didn’t lose it. I lost a ton of photos a year ago when my external hard drive crashed….

  2. rosina says:

    Sammy, how cute! You can tell how much the two love each other. I wish our dog’s still here–all 150lbs of her. 🙂 Great entries, thanks for stopping by!

  3. Andrea says:

    That’s the worst part about going digital…it all can be lost. I’m so sorry you lost this great picture of your husband, but I’m glad to hear you still had it online. It’s a great pictures. I love the processing on it. The one of your darling son, so happy with his dog, is also a definite keeper!

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