Jun 14 2009


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In an attempt to catch up family with some current events I’m going to share a bit about my boys’ recent Birthdays.


My boys’ Birthdays are two days apart.

Owen’s is on May 30 and Perrin’s is on June 1. It’s also kinda fun that they each got their own month.

So we like to celebrate them separately and together. Separately by making sure they each get a gift to open on their Birthday, regardless of when we do their Birthday activity, along with going to the party store to pick out their Birthday balloons – a tradition I’ve started since Perrin was one. They look forward to getting to go and pick out a special balloon once a year, even if it is sometimes hard for Perrin to wait a couple days. Thankfully the waiting is getting easier as he gets older.

This year we kept the activities local since Sammy is still a pup and really can’t be in his crate all day for us to do something like an amusement park.

So we started the day with a walk where Owen got to wear his Ben 10 Armatrex (no idea if I spelled that right) that he got for his Birthday …


… and where we met this snail that he helped get safely to the other side of the sidewalk.


Afterwards, the boys had fun going to Toys R Us to pick out whatever they wanted – within reasonable cost. 😉 Owen picked out a cool Solar System that gives you info and questions, and Perrin picked out a Discovery digital animal encyclopedia thing that he’s been enjoying. Then we took the boys to see Up in 3D. It was a fun treat to go to a 3D showing of this and we all really enjoyed the show! Later we went out for dinner and I got started on the cake. Now, my original plan was to make each boy his own cake, that is until Owen dropped the bomb on me that he wanted a skeleton cake instead of the planet cake he requested before (which could easily have been done with cupcakes). It turned out to be more work than I remembered – after all, it’s been a while since I’ve made a cake! So I opted to just make him a skull.


It wasn’t finished until Sunday afternoon and he was so excited about blowing out the candles that he wasted no time and blew them out before we even started singing.


Now, I know that the above picture is crazy and all kinds of stuff is wrong with it, but it captured the moment perfectly. I had my flash off since we were going to turn off the lights and I wanted to catch the candle glow inthe picture. That means the shutter speed was pretty slow so it caught the movement of Owen’s excitement at blowing out all his candles. We all had a good laugh and he excitedly waited as we lit them a second time, sang to him, and took pictures.


Perrin, being the good sport that he was, was understanding and just as happy to have a Birthday cupcake with all his candles on his Birthday the next day.


I owe that little sweetheart a Merry Un-Birthday cake with the design I planned out for him. No spoilers here since I plan to do it in about a month’s time.

In the meantime, he’s been thoroughly enjoying what turned out to be his favorite gift of the day from his Uncle Levi, because how can a Nerf gun with attachable sights not be a nine-year-old’s dream come true?


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  1. Thanh says:

    Glad to hear the boys had so much fun, Emily 🙂 Happy (belated) birthday Owen and Perrin!

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  3. Shelley says:

    🙂 Your cakes are always wonderful! Love the pic of Owen blowing out the candles early!

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