Nov 14 2008

for bryan

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A couple weekends ago we stopped by with a cupcake delivery for one of our good friends, Bryan. Bryan has lots of fun stuff at his house. My boys were pretty excited when they spied several wooden (and metal) swords in his front room. Along with the swords was something Perrin found even more interesting, a remote controlled helicopter which Bryan is letting us borrow for a while. 😉

Last weekend we took it out to our favorite kite flying park, since it’s got lots of open space and no playground. It’s ideal for anything that flies, you just have to watch out for a few kite eating trees that are growing in along the walkway. Unfortunately, the helicopter did have one Charlie Brown incident but it was unharmed because I don’t think helicopters taste as good as kites. We all had lots of fun watching the helicopter fly around and got some good laughs when it would spin (we need to adjust the balance). It was a fun challenge to take pictures of the helicopter buzzing around.

So, for Bryan, here are some shots from our Saturday with the misfit table helicopter. 😀



We found that it took off best from the sidewalk, which is also how it fell victim to the kite eating trees. 😆


Perrin has always had a knack for anything with buttons. He was pretty good at flying the helicopter and really enjoyed it.


Owen wanted to bring his sword that Bryan gave him to the park. In the house, I don’t really let them run around with them. At the park there is less chance of getting whacked with it. He did all kinds of poses for me, telling me that he was “bending” (thanks, Ax! Any Avatar fans will know what I mean) hehe! I wish I could post the picture larger, because I really think this is a fun shot. A slight tilt to your camera when taking pictures can give you a really fun look to a shot!


I bet you didn’t know that warriors liked to pick and smell flowers.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Jenna says:

    Love the pics, Emily! I love the one with O and the sword. Perrin looks so old in that close up that I almost didn’t recognize him! What fun!

  2. Debra says:

    What a fun day! Fabulous pictures Emily.

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