Nov 11 2008

crap shoot tuesday

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Been a busy week, but it’s time for Crap Shoot Tuesday again!

As a family, we really enjoy going on hikes together. We go to a spot about 30 minutes away that has lots of hiking trails that are great for our boys. They aren’t too long and it gives them a chance to run around on the trails. It also lets me take lots of pictures of my boys, including my husband. I love to catch them together and to take individual shots of them. Usually by the end of the hike I start getting shots like this:


They like to trick me. They pose nicely with their cute smiles, then right before I hit the button they pull a face. To them, it’s hilarious to do this right before a shot, and I have to admit I think it’s pretty funny, too. So while it’s not really a picture I’ll be printing out to hang up in the house, I keep them on my computer to remind me of their little boy sense of humor. Especially on the days they are driving me nuts. 😉

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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