Nov 04 2008

crap shoot tuesday

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It’s Tuesday again which means Crap Shoot Tuesday! I was going thru my pictures when I rediscovered some photos I had taken of the boys in March when we had a hail storm. It was their first time experiencing this and they thought it was so fun. Mind you, it wasn’t a major hail storm, the ice was the size of peas – or smaller. I remember a hail storm from when I was in First Grade. The reason I remember it is because they were a good enough size to hurt when they hit you on the head! I remember running to the car after school with my Mom and brother then heading home. I could go on and on about rainy days, they are my favorite kind of day, but I’ll get on with the CST shot!


As I mentioned, it was the first time the boys had experienced hail. I let them open the door and watch it hit the cement. They were having so much fun trying to catch it as it was falling. I think I only got two good shots out of this experience. I had my camera on the wrong setting – d’oh!!! So most of the pictures were too dark and focused somewhere else. This one is focused on Owen’s hand when I wanted to have it focused on his face. But you can see his expression well enough to keep me from sending it to the trash folder.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday, and don’t forget to exercise your right to vote! 😀

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