Oct 10 2008

on the home front part 3

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It was a slower week around here, with most of it going to prep for pouring the cement at the bottom of the drive way to make a parking spot for Don. So I’ve only got three pictures to share for this week.

They poured the mole curb at the top. This will help keep the grass divided from whatever we plant on the hill. It was cool to see them set up the curve:


Don will now have his little parking spot that he’s wanted for a long time! They put in a water spout down there, too, so we can wash the cars and not worry about slipping down the driveway. Our new mailbox will be going up once the cement is ready:


For the backyard, the shed went in! It’s HUGE, but looks lovely:


Funny story, Don has been saying for a couple of weeks how we’ll know if we really like the paint colors we picked for the house once the shed goes in, since we’re having it painted in the same colors. So the day finally came to put up the shed and Don came home early from work. When I got back from getting the boys from school and he tells me to look at the color, I look at the color and my stomach churns! It looked awful! But I didn’t want to tell him that without knowing how he felt. He was hard to read, so I said nothing.

Later when the trim went up, I went to check out the shed again and I loved it! The trim really made the color pop and set it right. That’s when I confessed to Don that I had thought it looked horrid before the trim and found out he thought the same thing. He had even gotten the swatches out to make sure they used the right color, but he didn’t want to say anything either, incase I’d be upset! We laugh about it now, and now we can’t wait to get the house painted. That’s what is on the agenda for this week! Red door, here we come!

And thank you to everyone who has purchased stamps so far! Our Puppy Fund is growing and I’m getting my neglected stamps shipped to new homes! I’ll be moving my list of stamps available to my “Sale” page to keep it updated there.Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. jami says:

    The color onthe shed looksgreat! It will be so exciting when the house is painted!

  2. Denise says:

    I just enjoy looking at all your home improvements. Thanks for sharing.

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