Sep 30 2008

on the home front, part 1

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For the benefit of family and friends who aren’t able to come over everyday 😉 I’ll be posting some picture updates of how our landscaping is going. Due to being unable to log in for a while, the first two posts will be rather long with photos. Today I’m going to share the progress of the front yard over the past several weeks. The landscaping began on September 3rd, almost right after we went off-track for the month. These pictures track the progress from Sept. 3 – 29.

As you can see we have a rather long and uphill driveway. They began by marking where things will disappear and shoveling the dirt away:




Soon the bricks were brought in for the retaining wall that will run from the bottom of the “hill” to the top. More dirt is removed from the bottom where the new parking spot for Don will be:




More bricks and more dirt gone:




The retaining wall has begun going up and more dirt is going away:




Retaining wall continues to grow and part of our front step disappears in preparation for the new front patio area:




Retaining wall progress, see all that dirt! Prep for the concrete in the front to be poured:





Front patio area is poured with steps connecting to the “dog run” on the side of the house. Future plans are to have a gate door on that side, too:



More concrete was poured yesterday. Bricks that were used as our previous “retaining wall” in the back are being recycled throughout the landscaping. Some will be used for the “house box”, as Don calls it, for plants in front of the house:




For fun, here is a close up shot of our hobo door (and wreath, that thing needs replacing! 😆 ). There is another paint swatch on the other side of the door. The main house color will be the darker brown, trim will be the cream color and the door will be RED!


Tomorrow, shots of the back yard progress!

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7 Responses to “on the home front, part 1”

  1. Debra says:

    GREAT pics!!! Things are looking great. Love your retaining wall. TFS!

  2. Shelley says:

    WOW Emily! I guess I did not realize that it was such a large project! Everything is really taking shape tho! Can not wait to see the finished product! 🙂

  3. onestampinmama says:

    Wow! It will be awesome when it is done! What a major change!

  4. Debora says:

    Lookin good! Can’t wait to see the finished project. 🙂

  5. Jenna says:

    Love the red door! I’ll have to buy you the perfume when it’s official. j/k I’ve always loved red doors. I am amazed at how this is looking. I just keep staring. It’s like when you remodel and after a while, you can’t remember what the old place used to look like. We’re excited for you guys!!!

  6. jami says:

    Emily I am so excited for you and can’t wait to see the final results! You know we want to lanscape our front too…so glad you found a good landscaper…apparantly they are hard to come by! Waiting patiently for your pics of the back!

  7. Tandra Boyer says:

    WOW Em so much work! Its gonna be beautiful!
    We have a red door as well!

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