Sep 29 2008


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“With great power comes great responsibility” is what came to my head when Don told me that I held a whole lot of power in my hand with the Dunn Edwards colors that our painter left for us to go thru. The only thing we knew we really wanted was a red door. Don has wanted a colored door for years, and red is what has really appealed to him. I’m not partial on the color of the door, for most home improvement tasks I don’t have much of an opinion. But when I do, I don’t let it die. 😆 For instance, if we ever get the kitchen redone, I will have white cabinets with bead board! Oh yes, I will! I can dream! hehe

We spent many hours the last week and a half going over possible house colors. It started with some house color combinations we found in a Country Living magazine that really appealed to us. I went to the paint supplier and picked up the colors, we painted them on the house and hated the main house color! But we had a red that we loved and we really liked the trim. We then spent some trim driving around town looking at homes to see what caught our eye. It was fun to drive thru some of the older parts of the city where people have repainted their homes.As we were driving Don mentioned maybe he’d like a blue door and that just opened a can of worms!

Thus began the Yellow vs. Tan war. Yellow house would mean a blue door. I like the look of yellow/red houses, but can’t handle that on mine. I’d think of a hot dog every time I came home! A tan house would mean a red door, which was the original plan. So we went thru the Dunn Edwards colors again picking out a few to get samples of and painted swatches. By the end of Saturday, we had made two trips to the paint supplier and painted six colors on the house, but we had made a decision!

Our main house color will be Wooded Acre, the trim will be Birch White and the door will be Red Contrast.It’s nice to get decisions made! Now we’ll just have to decide if the shed will have a red door …

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  1. Tandra Boyer says:

    Heehee Had to laugh at the hot-dog reference!!
    Our house is a deep muted golden yellow, with black trims and black screen door, and a red front door. No hot dogs in sight! LOLOL

    Cant wait to see the finished paint!

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