Apr 28 2008

a little peek

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Don and I have been watching X-Files in preparation for the movie this summer. We watched this while we were dating, so it has been fun to re-watch them together. Although, since having kids, I tend to get the creeps (or “creaks” as Perrin would say). These things didn’t used to bother me so much before. So after a good session of X-File watching I have to stay up later and watch something happy! 🙄 Typically it’s Friends, but sometimes it’s a movie that I enjoy while I try to get the thought of Squeeze, or other such characters that tend to linger, out of my mind. Last night one of the episodes was 2Shy, the guy who preys on fat women because he needs their body fat to survive. Yeah, that made me feel better!

Anyway, I’ve been missing my friends since SCSM. Both the ones who were able to come and those who were not, so I thought I’d actually get my act together and stamp something for those who mean something to me! (and send it) 😆 This is also a great way to occupy my mind during the creepy shows! Hahaha!! The more shows we watch, the more steps that I seem to add. Here is my “simple” focal point that evolved and isn’t finished yet.


I love the whimsy of justjohanna stamps, especially the opened letters! I love to color them in with my white gel pen! I also love mellow birdy because I can make his legs as long as I want! I still have a couple more steps before the focal image is completed, but I’m sure I’ll have them done today.

The card base will be another story. The more X-Files we watch, the more steps it will have. Hahahaha!!

Stupid Squeeze!!!

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  1. Erin K says:

    I totally get more creeps now that I’m a mom! I thought it was just me. haha!

    I really love these stamped pieces. 🙂

  2. Napoleon Dynamite says:

    those are flippin sweet!

  3. onestampinmama says:

    oooooooh so cute! Can’t wait to see it finished!

  4. Elaine says:

    Oh man, that is just way too cute – I want to see the rest of the project – hurry and finish it and share!! 😉

  5. Shelley ~ photocropper says:

    LOL! I watched X Files with my dh but there were times I am sure I would have rather been coloring 😉 Love the sneak peak can’t wait to see them all finished!!

  6. Debra Daam says:

    Love the stamped images! How fun! Love the faux stitching. I have never seen x-Files.

  7. Very cute images! 🙂

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