Jul 19 2007

So, Karen …

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would you eat one of these!??! Hehehehehe!

And who’s counting down to midnight? I AM!!

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  1. YUMMY! I would love one :O)

    I am counting down FOR SURE…I was thinking of going to see the movie at a late show and then hitting the store!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Julie says:

    I would not eat one of those….

    …I would eat 8 of them! 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    OMG those look yummy! Gonna share the recipe? I am so counting down, but can’t decide if I’ll run out to get the book or wait until tomorrow.

  4. Kay says:

    If I wait up until midnight, do I get one of those cakes to eat while I read?

  5. Pro says:

    Since Karen has not come on to claim those cupcakes, they are MINE! ALL MINE!!!

    I leave in an hour & a half to go get my HP book!!

  6. Kathi says:

    Not so fast, Pro! I grabbed one right before you dragged the entire tray to Nebraska. 😉

    MMMMmmmmm…..Delish, huh?

    I did save Karen a coupla bites. I sliced them off (as opposed to just saving then from where I had bitten) as I know Karen prefers an orderly and sanitary kitchen.

    Thanks Pixie, it was very nice of you to make them for us! 😉

  7. Debora says:

    Mmm…virtual cupcakes! I ordered HP from Amazon, but not w/their guarantee delivery date for tomorrow. I’m too cheap! But they emailed yesterday that my order was being prepared for delivery, so I’m hoping it’ll come soon. I guess I’ll have to stay off the computer till I get it. Thanks for the snack!

  8. jbalcer says:

    mmmmmmmmmm cupcakes!

  9. Kay says:

    What, no new entry? Whatcha doin’? Reading a book maybe? I just finished my copy but I’m not tellin’ – maybe for a cupcake 🙂

  10. Karen - Jusgottastamp says:

    I have been off the blog-wagon. 😳 I just saw these…will you make some more for next week??? Pleeeeeeeze??????

    They look absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!


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