Apr 01 2007

i spy a winner!

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We had a fun day yesterday full of family, baseball games, scrapping, and good food! Among the hilarious events that always seem to take place when we spend time with Don’s brothers and their wives, Perrin got a hold of Auntie Katie’s camera phone and went around the house taking random pictures. When he was done using her phone he took our little digital camera and took a few more random shots. Among them being the back of Auntie Tiffany, the night light in the hallway, a close up of himself, and a shot of the toilet in their bathroom. *SPEW* I thought the close up of himself was appropriate for announcing the winner of the coaster box, white gel pen, Stickles, and Hershey Kisses goodness!

I went to Random.org for picking the winning number : 21!!

Congratulations, PattyE!! She said:

Grey’s Anatomy and 24 are 2 of our all time favorites in our house too. A show we really like is Men In Trees, we were hesitant to watch it in the beginning but once we did we were hooked. It is a very cute show, we also like How I Met Your Mother, Ugly Betty, and Friday Night Lights.
One of our all time favorites was the HBO series that just ended called “Rome”, it was only two season but it was excellent.
Love your blog you always have the best ideas, thanks for the detailed instructions and naming all the products you use on each card!

Be sure to email me your address so I can send these goodies off to you! You can do this by clicking on the “Contact me” link off to the right.

I really enjoyed reading all the show suggestions! I had forgotten about Heroes. That is one that is on my list of shows to see when the first season comes out! Ooooo, and Bones! Who can resist David Boreanaz! After being an Angel fan, I’m going to have to check that one out! I had forgotten that we loved to watch hockey games on TV. So for those of you that said you enjoy watching those, you’re not alone! It reminds me that I have to make sure I get some hockey tickets this year. I do love a good hockey game!

Thanks for sharing with me your favorite shows to watch! I enjoyed reading about what you all enjoy watching on TV!

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  1. Pro says:

    Dude! Bones is one of my favrite shows! He is so hot!

  2. Kathi says:

    I have missed chatting with ya’, Em! Soooo glad to be able to catch up with ya’ here on your delicious (mmmmmm, icing, cupcakes, what could be better?) blog!

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