Mar 26 2007

butterfly cupcakes

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Yesterday was my niece Brooke’s baby blessing. Baby blessings are always a fun time because it’s a day where we all go to church together, then over to the designated home for an afternoon of yummy food and family! I asked my Sister-in-Law Jenna if she wanted me to bring anything. After convincing her that it’s okay to ask me to bring cupcakes, I started thinking about how to decorate them.

I thought a lot about making them monogram cupcakes, but thought it would be kinda silly for a baby blessing as opposed to a baby shower or birthday party. Then I thought about just making them colorful or adding flowers to the tops. But when my other Sister-in-Law Katie and I were browsing thru Cupcake Momma’s flickr gallery we came across her darling butterfly cupcakes and that was it!

There are several things I love about my Sister-in-Law Katie, and one of them is that she loves to help me with decorating cupcakes and cakes. She is learning from me some of the basic techniques but mostly we are laughing as we frost and decorate the cupcakes. Saturday night was no exception. We were cracking up as we were doing the butterflies and as a result some of them turned out with wiggly outlines or very large bodies. But when you are having fun the wiggly lines don’t bother you, and my Sister-in-Law Jenna still went crazy over the cupcakes. *wink*

I added more pictures of the cupcakes to the Yummy Stuff gallery. The colorful ones were frosted with buttercream, while the chocolate ones were decorated with, well, chocolate frosting! Katie lightly sprinkled the little white sprinkles after I frosted the cupcakes using the 1M tip. Then we piped the butterflies using a size 12 tip for the wings and body. The wings were then outlined with a size 3 tip. We carefully placed two of the white sprinkles on each butterfly for the eyes then finished them by using flower stamens for the antenna. The antenna were the only non-edible part of the cupcake and were easily removed before eating.

A bit of a side note, Wilton now has a 13 Pc. Cupcake Decorating Set that you can find at Michaels. I’d assume that you can find it at other craft stores that carry the Wilton line. The cupcake decorating set is awesome! It comes with the huge 1M tip along with tip sizes 12, 22, and 230. The tip # 230 is called a Bismarck Tip and is used to fill your cupcakes after they have baked. I have filled cupcakes with this tip before and it works VERY well. The kit also includes some disposable decorating bags and sells for about $10.00. So don’t forget your 40% of coupons for a great deal!

Wilton also now has a cupcake stie, you can check it out here: Cupcake Fun

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  1. DeniseLynn says:

    WOW – Incredible cupcakes!!!

  2. Debra says:

    The cupcakes look wonderful and delicious! what a nice fun time you had!

  3. Napoleon D. says:

    those look flippin sweet!

  4. Karen - Jusgottastamp says:

    Oh, my!!! Those are really precious. Can *I* ask you to make some cupcakes for something? ;o) Justkidding…sorta!

    I saw that cupcake kit at Mike’s the other day. I had wondered if it was really worth it! Thanks for your advice…I see many cupcakes in the gnome’s future…….

  5. jenn says:

    I love everything you make! These are just GORGEOUS!

  6. Mandy Cheshire says:

    Oh, Emily, these are THE CUTEST! Great job!

  7. How cute are those!!!

  8. Debora says:

    Totally sweet-looking & I bet they tasted yummy, too! Congrats to Jenna & Greg!

  9. Marci says:

    These are just too cute!! Your niece had to be thrilled with them! Thanks for sharing them with us Betty Crocker want-a-be’s!!

  10. Kathi says:

    Oh what fun these are…… pretty, too!

    Really, they are quite amazing and are making me drool, even with the caterpillars on top! 😉


  11. Kimberley Parsons says:

    Very cute…so cute I don’t think I could eat one…OK..I could. Kim

  12. Otter says:

    man oh man!!! these are cute!! you are a “jill” of all trades!!

  13. Dawn Knapp says:

    My GAWD these look yummy!!!!!

  14. Katie says:

    Okay, so just looking at your picture made me want to grab the cupcake right out of my computer and enjoy it bite by bite. YUMMERS!

  15. Linda H. says:

    You’ve got me hooked on making cupcakes now 🙂 Yours are sooo cute !


  16. jacksonbelle says:

    OMGosh how cute are these!!! Who could eat them!?

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